Costa Rican Women Lead Winning Projects of the International Regeneration Program

    The Ashokan and HSBC México association program received more than 130 proposals from entrepreneurs

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    ReGeneration is a program that promotes entrepreneurial people with projects that seek to solve environmental and social problems in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Costa Rican women lead two of the winning projects of this program, carried out by the Ashokan association and HSBC México, the region’s sustainable finance bank.

    One of them is Tatiana Granados, whose initiative is “Ciclo Parques”, which consists of installing bicycle parking spaces, street furniture, mobile and sustainable housing solutions.

    Haley Raquel is the other Costa Rican entrepreneur who won with her “Ecotarcoles” project, which through alliances and productive chains seeks to promote social, environmental and economic well-being.

    Working on solving environmental and social problems from an innovative perspective

    “The “ReGeneration” program allowed us to unite projects from different territories, cultures and approaches to work on solving environmental and social problems from an innovative perspective. We are happy to promote the work of these great agents of change and we are sure that in a few years, they will be part of important positive changes for their communities and countries”, explained Melina Bravo, program coordinator at Ashokan.

    From all the region

    For this edition, more than 130 projects of entrepreneurs from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador registered. In the first phase, 24 initiatives were chosen and in the second, the 10 finalist projects.

    In this first edition of ReGeneration, 80% of these innovative ideas are led and promoted by women, who along with the other winners participated in a virtual bootcamp and a regenerative meeting in Mexico City, where they exchanged solutions and opinions.

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