Entrepreneurs Looking to Manufacture Electric Vehicles in Costa Rica

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    In the near future, electric cars could appear alongside pineapple, coffee and computer chips in the list of exports that Costa Rica makes.

    A Costa Rican company designed a hybrid car called CambYo CR in order to produce it here for the local market and for export to Central America.

    Meanwhile, a team of Technology Alumni Costa Rica (TEC) designed an electric model, compact and with three wheels, with room for two people standing, which can be used by police for their rounds.

    Both projects are waiting to find the funds or an investor who considers the electric cars viable projects. Moreover, to improve future competitiveness of this industry, certain support would be required by the government in terms of tax incentives

    “The difficult thing is the attitude of third world that everything has to come from outside. A man told me to tell him honestly, who will we have to make the cars? That who is me, “said Jesse Blenn, a partner of Development Consulting SA.

    Development Consulting SA requires ¢65 million to start production of CambYo CR, an amount that includes making two prototypes and to have a workshop equipped.

    They achieved first place in the Business Plan Competition at the National University (UNA) of Perez Zeledon and expect to win the top spot nationally. They’re also finalists in the competition for funding from Banking System Development (SBD).

    “If we get the funding, we are in production,” said Blenn.  Despite the obstacles, the estimates show that CambYo CR is profitable.

    This model is made of aviation technology, hybrid and uses an auxiliary engine to generate the energy it consumes. With just the battery, it can travel about 40 miles and if you add the fuel tank it can reach 120 km.

    Some components such as brakes, engine and gearbox must be imported at the beginning, but the goal is to make local alliances to buy here. However, the body can be manufactured entirely in Costa Rica.

    “We can build it on any scale, that is the key to success,” added Blenn.

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