Costa Rica Was Host Country of Cancer International Summit

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    Costa Rica was the host country of the International Cancer Summit, an event that recently brought together prestigious specialists in oncology from The University of Chicago School of Medicine and the national medical community.

    The activity, which worked hand in hand with the Costa Rican Chamber of Health, had the objective of facilitating a scientific debate in search of fostering collaboration and disseminating knowledge about advances and best practices in different disciplines of oncology to ultimately improve the lives of patients. “For The University of Chicago, School of Medicine, it is an honor to hold this International Cancer Summit in Costa Rica, and we are grateful to work with the Costa Rican Chamber of Health for the Summit. Costa Rica is a country that has a great health system, highly trained doctors, impressive professional talent, and universities that train great professionals”, said Dr. Joseph Barcie, from the International Department of The University of Chicago, Medicine.

    Within the thematic agenda of the Summit, disciplines such as:

    • Neurological Oncology Surgery

    • Abdominal Surgical Oncology

    • Advances in Robotic Surgery

    • Colon and Rectal Surgery

    “This space, which was designed for medical specialists and academic leaders, is a starting point with which we seek to promote the practices of The University of Chicago, Medicine and successful bilateral knowledge exchange, be shared among doctors”, added Dr. Barcie. “Today we know that all pathologies must be treated individually, studying each case, with a multifactorial approach, because from there assertiveness is worked on, resources and knowledge are used and this is something that doctors in Costa Rica is very clear about it and that is why we want to continue sharing knowledge between doctors from both countries”, he explained.

    “My hope is that these doctors who participated form friendships, and can form alliances and know that doctors in Costa Rica can count on the support of professionals from the University of Chicago, Medicine”, concluded Dr. Barcie. This event was aimed at the medical community from the public sector, private sector, academic oncology, surgical oncology, medical oncology, surgical oncology, and general surgery.

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