Envisión Festival: 12 Years Connecting Cultures

    This will be another year of enjoying great things through the Envision Festival, it will be 8 consecutive days of Pura Vida....

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    More than a decade has passed, in which the Envisión Festival has been taking place in Costa Rica, mainly in Uvita de Osa, and the impact it has generated in the society that lives the experience is incredible.

    There will be 8 days of international music, yoga and movement classes, surfing, workshops, sunset celebrations on the beach, sacred spaces and ceremonies, world arts and crafts market, wellness and skin spa, plus incredible local food, the citizens connect, vibrate in favor of art, bio-construction, and very importantly, through spirituality. Do you want to know the exact days of the event? From February 27th to March 6th, 2023, the good vibes will take over

    From southern Costa Rica

    Envisión is a celebration that is characterized by awakening human potential, where different cultures interact with each other, are inspired and project towards a better planet, sustainable of course, that is why the interest in its surroundings where it takes place, pure nature. All the people who wish can be present at the Envisión Festival, yes, bring your best disposition to enjoy and learn from each of the activities.

    2023 will be the key year to live the Envisión Festival intensely

    The Envisión festival is considered the most ecological in the world and the most important in Central America, where people can witness recreations in the jungle of Uvita, appreciating the environment that surrounds them, living opportunities to enjoy more of Costa Rica, with off-site excursions like surf lessons and horseback riding.

    Do you wonder how to get to the Festival?

    If you are a tourist and want to attend the event, then flying into San José International Airport and from there are shuttle buses that go directly to the festival site. You can also rent a car at the airport, follow the signs to Jaco and then head south along the coast to Uvita, the place is located exactly 2 km north of the town.

    More than 50 national and international artists

    More than 50 national and international artists will be offering the best of their talent to festival attendees. Among the international musicians are Bonoho, Clozee, Dessert Dwellers, Opiuo, The California Honeydrops, Rodrigo Gallardo, Tokimonsta, Rising Appalachia, among others. And national talent will also be present with Magpie Jay, Ojo de Buey, Sonámbulo, Santos & Zurdo, Bunny Wabbit, Funka, Fernando Melo, María Wabe, Ces Castro, Guadalupe Urbina and many more.

    85% of the foreign people who attend Envisión generate a great economic impact in the Uvita community.

    It is worth noting that Envision employees committed to planting more than 80,000 trees. More than 30 tons of garbage has been collected from the beaches. And during the pandemic, they offered the Ciudad Cortes hospital a $18,000 medical team, in addition to multiple benefits that have been donated to Uvita.

    From The Costa Rica News, we are proud to announce the return of Envisión Festival

    After a terrible pandemic, we are sure that this 2023 edition will not be the exception to change the thinking of many, it will awaken human potential and the desire for a sustainable community and Pura Vida!

    Remember that the Envision Festival is an awakening of the soul, a focus emphasized on the pillars of movement, spirituality, music, art, health, sustainability and education, it is much more than just a music festival…

    Resonance Costa Rica
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