Costa Rica, a Global Leader in Renewable Energies

    Costa Rica, a model country for renewable energies

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    Our country has been characterized by highlighting its natural beauty in all its splendor, not satisfied with that, now it becomes the leader in renewable energy. Generating electricity from five renewable sources which are: water, sun, wind, biomass and geothermal energy.

    Among them, the most relevant is hydroelectricity, which is assumed to be 78% of electricity, also wind and geothermal energy is used, which represents 10% of electricity.

    Our country is the best example of a leading country when it comes to the use of renewable energies.

    Here is a brief account of how Costa Rica has achieved this benchmark for renewable energy.

    Costa Rica has approximately 5 million inhabitants, it is known throughout the world for being an authentic and wonderful natural paradise, however few know its commitment to environmental matters.

    In the country we are clear that renewable energies are the future, although they are already part of the present.

    Our first great feat in producing renewable energy

    This was achieved in 2015 year in which it was possible to use electricity produced 100% of renewable energy for 3 consecutive months.

    Following this in 2018, we continued and beat our own record by creating 98% of  energy using renewable energy and using electricity generated by these sustainable systems for 300 days.

    Curious fact

    Costa Rica during the last four years has accumulated 1,197 days of totally clean electric production.

    How does Costa Rica produce renewable energy?

    The country generates electricity from five renewable sources already mentioned before: water, sun, wind, biomass and geothermal. Costa Rica is greatly helped by its excellent location in the middle of to oceans that allows it to take advantage of all these liquid resources.

    The country has produced renewable energy since  the last century, our country does this because it is a priority to conserve the environment and thus be able to free itself from carbon fuels.

    Did you know?

    Our country occupies the first position in Latin America for the treatment of clean and renewable energies, according to a Costa Rican electricity statement (ICE).

    This situation a recognition of its effort to diversify its energy sources and bet on renewables plus hydroelectric means”

    According to data from the National Electric System, so far this year the use of hydrocarbons to power the country’s grid has been unnecessary.

    Rainy times are favorable for renewable energy

    The rainy conditions favor us during the first months of the year because this allows the Arenal, Cachi, La Angostura and Pirris reservoirs to ba at capacity. Have reached levels above ICE estimates.

    These four hydroelectric plants, with their seasonal regulation and safety reserve reservoirs, plus the other hydroelectric plants make up the strongest branch of Costa Rican electrical production.

    Then, it is complemented by geothermal, wind, biomass and solar developments, which completes 100% renewable energy.

    The amount of water that drives the activation of thermal plants is maintained as the last contingency measure, with the consequent environmental and economic benefit because since there is no need to use fossil fuel.

    Costa Rica is preparing for full decarbonization by 2021

    For Costa Rica, decarbonization is a common goal and the country has great achievements in terms of electricity production based on almost 100% renewable sources.

    But this has posed a challenge as being able to generate enough electricity for the entire year depends on the weather and the amount of rainfall.

    This presents a challenge for decarbonization but an opportunity for the development of renewable energies.

    The transport sector cannot be ignored

    The transport sector is by itself responsible for 66% of the hydrocarbon consumption and 54% of the country’s CO2 emissions, also 70% of Costa Ricans continue to use their cars to move around.

    The government seeks an initiatives that aim to use 100% renewable energy by 2021

    This initiative that the government has sought is not to promote hydroelectric technology but rather to seek alternatives for the supply of electricity and thus be able to achieve a carbon neutral economy.

    The country has chosen to promote the use of electric cars by eliminating the taxes associated with them

    The creation of an infrastructure of charging stations for electric cars throughout the country will also be implemented and also the putting into service of an electric train with capacity for 250 people, almost 74 km of tracks, three lines and 42 stations in 15 cantons of the country in order to optimize the public transport service.

    Costa Rica is taking giant steps towards a future in which resources are 100% sustainable and in which we live as a country in harmony with the environment.

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