“Magic Made Locally”: Ecoferia Dominical is adapting to the New Normal

    Still thriving and serving the community

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    Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, Costa Rica has not lost its essence, rather it flourishes more and more, its beaches take up that blue at every dawn that makes us fall in love every day, its greenness is heading towards true purity, and all this is enhanced by men and women who do not rest in promoting all that our country has to offer.

    There are so many citizens who set an example and appreciate having a country like Costa Rica.

    “Magic Made Locally” has been appreciated for two years both in Dominical and in other regions of CR, the word has spread and it has been great for this EcoFeria project.

    In this fair countless locals bring fresh vegetables, art and other 100% organic products; but also music, dance and meditation through yoga.

    “We have made this fair for everyone, so participants always want to come back again and again” … expressed one of the organizers, Keyna.

    Since its beginnings, the -EcoFeria- additionally has had a slogan “Free of Plastic and Pesticide”, always aimed at contributing to the protection of our nature with all its biodiversity.

    The EcoFeria has been the result of a family made up of the love, pride and harmony of the vendors who have participated in all these years.

    Due to the Pandemic the EcoFeria has changed its format

    The Pandemic has been a very hard test for everyone in the world, economically and touristically it has generated a rough impact, but thanks to the strength, the desire to advance and continue contributing to the planet, the journey carries on-

    Keyna, told us that the process has been interesting … “We had to move to a virtual platform overnight, with the aim of continuing to support organic agriculture, the main concern at the time of the start of the Pandemic was that we needed a new way so that organic farmers would not stop planting and offering their products, that they would know that they had our support, and we will always be by their side, grateful for their perseverance, permanence, effort, that fills us with pride and happiness “.

    The Pandemic led them to the idea of ​​making home deliveries and the development of a website:

    .In this new stage of the EcoFair, a group of wonderful people -from the community- have been incorporated, made up of programmers, designers, advisors, “it has been a whole learning process full of a greater commitment to the organic farmers and all other participants”, concluded Keyna .

    With this new methodology they deliver to Platanillo, Uvita, Bahía Ballena, Playa Hermosa and Dominicalito. “What happens is that many of the producers around Dominical approach the EcoFeria to see how can they reach their clients, there are more than 20 farms and depending on what people ask for, in total we have 35 producers “.

    And so, the EcoFeria is the sign of love, perseverance, dedication, adaptation to new the new normal, and, most importantly, organic work. We invite you to visit their website and enjoy everything they offer.

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