5G is coming to Costa Rica: Everything you Need to Know

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    The new standard for wireless communication is revolutionizing the world. What is it? When is it going to start? How to take advantage of it? It is 5G, the fifth generation of wireless communication, which marks a great step forward in wireless communications. The 5G standard will soon be available in Costa Rica, it is already operating in the United States, as well as in large parts of Europe, among other places.

    What are the benefits of 5G?
    The main benefit of a 5G network is fast upload and download. With 5G, the user can transmit heavy documents, movies and video games in seconds, something that now lasts several minutes.

    With the power of the 5G connection, the user can connect a computer to the cellular signal, just as he does today with the smartphone. You can even take advantage of the Internet of Things, with computers in a home or office connected to the wireless network.

    How can the 5G standard be so fast?
    In a digital network, speed is measured by the frequency of the transmitting waves. The typical 5G signal operates with the frequency of more than 1 Gigabit – 1 billion waves – per second, even up to 100 Gbit / s for advanced 5G.

    Each wave carries a piece of information – the “bit” -, so the more waves per second, the more information reaches the user in any period of time. While a typical 4G connection operates in the frequency range of 1 Megabit to 50 Megabits – 1 million to 50 million waves – per second. A typical movie consists of about 10 Gigabits.

    When will the 5G standard be available in Costa Rica? ‘
    The 5G option for Costa Rica is likely to be available in a year. Telecommunications companies are already doing pilot projects. What remains to be clarified is the availability for all operators of the necessary frequencies, since at this time they are in the power of ICE.

    Will we have to change our smartphones to take advantage of the 5G signal?
    To take advantage of the 5G benefits, a device of that same generation is required. 4G and 3G phones will continue to work, they just don’t reach 5G speed.

    What will be the business opportunities?
    There will be opportunities for the public sector to lease the poles on the streets and highways, as well as the building owners at high visibility points. The 5G signal requires constant repetition – a few hundred meters, often – as the high frequency deteriorates in the atmosphere. For this reason, the 5G standard does not operate on current telecom towers, which are placed at long distances between them. There will also be a great demand for a new generation of devices.

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