The Children’s Museum of Costa Rica now has a Section Dedicated to “STEAM” Activities

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    The Costa Rican Children’s Museum has a new exhibition hall dedicated to science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM, for its acronym in English). This project has been possible thanks to the collaboration between CINDE (National Investment Promotion Agency) and the Museum, also the special support of companies like Akamai, Emerson, Establishment Labs, Intel and Maderama, Pulse, Roche, National instruments and Johnson & Johnson.

    Coming together to shape the dream seeking to inspire Tico boys and girls

    It is a place full of technology, tests, games and much more, which seeks to encourage research, curiosity and interest in the Steam areas. According to data from Micitt, in 2015 and 2016, only 7% of college diplomas awarded were for professionals in careers were related to engineering and technology in the country, while the average for Latin America was 14%.

    A new window

    The new hall is made up of 6 modules, where visitors will learn about the importance of the scientific method, programming and decoding. They will also learn about product design, manufacturing through technological processes, robotics, and the integration of technology in today’s society.

    This 112 m2 space required a total investment of more than $ 100,000, which was contributed by the 9 companies, CINDE, the Children’s Museum and other donors. The creation, fundraising and construction process took approximately 3 years. The Children’s Museum appreciates the valuable contribution made by all the companies and institutions that, in coordination managed to inaugurate this modern room.

    Developing skills and abilities

    Así se gestó la sala más grande y tecnológica del Museo de los Niños,  dedicada a los dinosaurios. - YouTube

    “This project will allow thousands of children and young people to develop skills, abilities and discover affinities with careers oriented to science and technology. Starting today, our visitors will be able to have access to a world-class learning and entertainment space,” said Mónica Riveros, Executive Director of the Children’s Museum.

    “Our country ranks number one in Latin America in digital skills and it is very important that our young people discover the great capacity they have for STEAM areas, which are the most sought after by international companies,” said Jorge Sequeira, General Director of CINDE.

    The Section is aimed mainly at young people between 7 and 15 years old and is part of the route that visitors will take from now on. Visitors will have to solve a series of challenges using science and technology.

    For more information regarding the schedule for visits, the public can go to the Facebook Museo de los Niños CR or send a message to WhatsApp 703 7070.

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