“Costa Rica Is Not Going to Get into a Fight Between Elephants”, Says Chaves About the Conflict between the United States and China

    The Government assured that it will continue to have relations and cooperation with both nations

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    Costa Rica will not get involved in the conflict between the United States and China, which had our country as the headquarters of hierarchical declarations of both nations.Both the President of the Republic, Rodrigo Chaves and the Chancellor, Arnoldo André, disassociated themselves from positioning themselves on one side or the other. “Costa Rica is not going to get into a fight between elephants because what guides the north of foreign policy is the well-being of the people”, Chaves responded last Wednesday when asked by the press.

    Rather, he pointed out that when “elephants fight” it is best to be careful because it can cause a lot of damage to smaller issues and with an impact on nations like Costa Rica. The chancellor reinforced this idea by indicating that one should not participate in the world’s power blocs. “Costa Rica has international relations with both the United States and the People’s Republic of China and should take advantage of cooperation opportunities”, said the diplomat.

    In this way, he warned that international relations with all nations will seek cooperation opportunities with the objective of benefiting Costa Ricans. “Costa Rica is not going to enter into the discussion that is presented in some world issues between the great powers of the world, but it is going to maintain good relations with all of them”, the diplomat reinforced.

    But what happened?

    General Laura Richardson, commander of the Southern Command of the United States Army, visited the Presidential Palace last Monday and referred to the situation with China, particularly due to the incursion into Latin America. “We are talking about deep-water ports, cybernetic development, space infrastructure development and other types of infrastructure that can have a dual use, that can be used in two ways and that is my concern”, she said.

    Richardson also pointed out the style of work in China, where they also put the magnifying glass. “These construction delays, the cost overruns, the fact that what they manufacture are not quality products, are things that not only worry me but should also concern the region”, she concluded.

    Not the US`s backyard

    A day later, China reacted to Richardson’s assertions through her embassy in San José. The Asian country classified her statements as “unfounded”. “The Latin American and Caribbean countries are independent and sovereign states, they are not the backyard of the United States”, she stated.

    “The countries and peoples of the region have the wisdom and ability to choose cooperation partners in accordance with their own interests. The Chinese side always sticks to the concepts of mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit, cooperation, win-win, openness and inclusiveness in substantive cooperation in various fields with Latin American and Caribbean countries based on respect for the needs and benefits for both parties, and in this way continuously bringing resilience and vitality to the global economy”, they added.

    Added to this, President Chaves’s visit to Washington next week was announced, where he will meet with US President Joe Biden. According to the company that provides financial information, the issues to be addressed will be Migration and China.

    Although, last Wednesday it was not indicated that Chaves is going to speak about China during his visit to the United States. According to the foreign minister, they will discuss issues of cooperation between the United States and Costa Rica, development of inclusive and sustainable economies, defense of democratic values, migration and security, as well as cybersecurity.

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