The Godfather of Rock in Costa Rica’s Zona de Los Santos: Juan de Dios Mora Cordoba Launches New Book

    “Today's music is vulgar, monotonous and makes no sense. In their lyrics they do not leave a good message. I hope that this new generation of musicians will discover true rock music and that they can develop it in the best way.”

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    Bruce Callow
    Bruce Callow is a Canadian teacher and co-author of the book To the Stars: Costa Rica in NASA. He does space education outreach work on behalf of NASA.

    You are the Godfather of rock music in a vast region of Costa Rica known as the Zona de Los Santos.  What does that mean to you?

    Well, if you want to refer to me that way, that’s fine. Let’s say then that I am the Godfather of Rock in the Zona de Los Santos. I started with the rock movement in Los Santos at the end of the seventies and throughout the eighties. It was a dream that I had, along with several friends from school, Luis and Popocho, but it was not until the nineties that we really started with the group Anestesia Local, and we discovered how exciting it was to create music, and even more so that people liked to listen to our music.

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    For me to be considered a key pioneer of rock in the Los Santos area, it gives me pride to know that so much effort made during all those years is recognized in some way today because it was very difficult to start playing rock back then. We knew nothing about music and to get some people to appreciate the effort we were making to create a little change in the region in which we lived, where there were only dance hall groups (of popular dance music). I think it’s the same for all of us who are part of the group. There were many members who passed through the group at different times, they also contributed their efforts so that the rock movement progressed in the Zona de Los Santos

    What motivated you to write your book and what do you hope readers get from it?

    In one way or another I wanted to tell the story of Anestesia Local from the beginning, talking about my life, my childhood, my illness, everything that made a great contribution to me liking music and forming the band. In my school days I discovered music and founded the band, but it was very difficult in that region of Costa Rica to find out how to learn music so we chose to compose our own songs so that it would be easier for us, easier to play them.

    I want the readers to know about my life journey so far, all the things I experienced to reach today. Anestesia Local no longer exists as a group, now it is very difficult for us to get together to perform.Life is becoming more complicated and we no longer have the time we had in our youth, plus we are older adults and everything bothers us. Within the group there is no longer that chemistry that existed at the beginning and that is reflected on the occasions where we have played after many years of being inactive.

    How do you see the future of rock music in the Zona de los Santos?

    I see very clearly the future of rock music in the area, now there are so many opportunities for  learning music.  Today’s kids leave you amazed with the skill they have when playing an instrument, and that will make it easier for the continued emergence of rock music in Los Santos.

    Let’s hope they discover true rock, which has always existed. Now they call rock prefabricated   rhythms  where everything is created on a computer, or those rhythms that are more danceable than real rock music. It is necessary for real rock music to resurface, in the full and true sense. For us rock was a way of life. In fact you still hear on the radio those hits from the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s that filled our youth with so many good things. Today’s music is vulgar, monotonous and makes no sense. In their lyrics they do not leave a good message. I hope that this new generation of young people will discover true rock and that they can develop in the best way.

    What was your favorite experience with Anestesia Local and music in general?

    The favorite and greatest experience that I had with Anestesia was being able to compose my own songs, with a good message for the people who listened to the songs. It also helped me develop as a person, rock has nothing to do with drugs. We who formed a rock group never had the need to take drugs to be able to play. I wrote a song called Boys and Girls, there I tried to take up and support those parents who suffer the scourge of drug addiction in their children, We as a group never had the need to use these substances to live,

    Where can readers buy the book?

    At the moment the book can only be purchased by calling 506 8449-2910, I will assist you there and send the book to any part of the country. An English version is being planned for the near future, and arrangements are also being made to sell the book on Amazon. Information on that will be given very soon.

    It has been an enriching experience to be able to write this book, a reflection of my life, and my adventures as a child, as a teenager, and as a man, I am satisfied with what I have done and I hope you buy the book and be a small part of my life. !Total thanks,” as Ceratti said.

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