Children of Tortuguero Rescue Musical Culture of Calypso and Reggae

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    Dozens of children and young people enrolled in the Tortuguero Cultural Collective, sponsored by the Hotel Tortuga Lodge and the Böena Group, to receive music lessons and rescue calypso, reggae, soca, and other Caribbean rhythms.

    Participants will receive classes 2 hours a day, Monday through Friday, and in 3 months they will attend community festivals, where neighbors and businessmen will appreciate their achievements, to continue sponsoring this educational initiative.

    From the San Francisco and Tortuguero area, each one 5 kilometers away, children and young people came to audition and demonstrate their talent to Professor Marlo Cabezas, who will direct the workshops and classes.

    They will receive support from the Collective, the Tortuguero Development Association and the National Music Education System (SINEM) -attached to the Ministry of Culture- which donated the musical instruments and are in the process of restoring them, to use them in the lessons.

    The Böena Group will assume all the expenses of this project, oriented towards musical training and the search for new musical talents. “We ensure children and young people healthy and safe spaces so that they develop their artistic abilities and find in art a way of life, as well as the way to overcome the socio-economic problems of the area”, said the manager of Tortuga Lodge and representative of Böena, Rodrigo Alfaro, when referring to the goals of the Collective, in a community where there are two schools, a high school and a population of 350 students.


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