Campaign Will Position San José as a Tourist Destination to Visit Thanks Historical, Gastronomic, Artistic and Cultural Wealth

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    The joint work of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, the Local Innovation and Development Agency -dial SJO- of the Municipality of San José, the Costa Rican Association of Tour Operators, the Balmoral Hotel, Central Bank Museums, Chepecletas and Art City Tour will allow the launch Starting in December, the promotional campaign “San José, heartbeat of our identity.” The objective is to position our capital as a tourist destination to visit and explore, with its history, architecture, gastronomy, culture, a place where visitors redefine the travel experience.

    The creative rationale for this campaign is that San José, our capital, is 45 square kilometers of biodiversity, history, art and culture, gastronomy and fun. Within the framework of peace and tranquility, symbols of the country before the world, San José is vibrant and diverse, Central Avenue is an open-air shopping center, varied and colorful, with interesting shops and markets to enjoy from traditional to the contemporary. A city centered on the axis of plural and diverse identity.

    The strategy is aimed at national and international tourists, businessmen, tour operators, government institutions, independent groups that promote tourism in the capital, companies and private organizations, with the goal of highlighting the rich historical, heritage and cultural heritage, emphasizing its multiculturalism, democracy and education that was forged in the capital, and that allows us to be a country of peace.

    An essential service for the development of tourism in the city is transportation. Five new spaces have been defined for the safe and efficient transfer of tourists, San José takes a step forward in the generation of traffic rules that will encourage this important economic activity.

    The authorized stops are located at the following points: a) Plaza León Cortés, south side of the Luis DoblesSegreda school b) General Cemetery, east side c) Metropolitan Cathedral, north side d) Colegio Superior de Señoritas, south side e) Plaza de Democracy, west side f) Jade Museum, north side.

    The Local Innovation and Development Agency -dial SJO- has created a tool for both international and national tourists. The Tourist Guide for the city of San José has information on the city’s iconic monthly activities, a guide to restaurants, hotels, rent a cars and everything necessary to make the tourist’s stay more pleasant and easy. On the other hand, it is based on another tool that has been developed for San José and offers an interesting range of options to enjoy urban tourism, with the intention of living exciting experiences in natural and sustainable biological environments, native city dwellers and fun in the dimensions that can be explored in our City Agenda.

    Without living San José, you have not truly lived Costa Rica

    “The campaign slogan hits the point: Without living San José, you have not truly lived Costa Rica,” said William Rodríguez, Minister of Tourism. The leader rescued the historical and cultural value of San José, and stated that discovering the capital is an essential complement to understanding Costa Rica in its entirety, “it is feeling the heart of our country beat,” he added.

    The campaign will be seen on social networks and traditional media promoting San José as a mandatory destination to visit for foreign tourists and the weekend trip of national tourists.

    “Not only is it possible to reach the wonderful tourist destinations that Costa Rica offers, in terms of landscape, environmental or ecological matters, from San José, but the capital is, in itself, a destination of great added value, due to its history, its culture, its commerce, its educational and health offering, its investment possibilities and, likewise, its extensive entertainment menu. For this reason, from the local government, we have always reiterated that San José is more of a destination than a path, which is why these types of initiatives are of vital importance, since they generate wealth and work, which benefits residents and visitors. of the city,” said Johnny Araya Monge, Mayor of San José.

    City full of history and identity of the Ticos

    With such emblematic sites as the Central Market with its crafts, its sorbet ice cream, the casado, the carne pot or the picadillos, passing through historical sites such as the National Monument, the campaign seeks for each tourist to know, be empowered and experience the city of our country, ceasing to be just a place of passage. The mission of this communication and promotion strategy is to inspire both Costa Ricans and international visitors to fall in love with the cultural richness, fascinating architecture and exquisite gastronomy that defines San José. We want each person to feel the true Costa Rican pulse and connect with the vibrant essence of our identity.

    San José is not just a geographical place, it is an experience, a feeling and more than buildings and streets, it is the cradle of our roots, the mirror of our cultural diversity. Each corner tells a chapter of our history. Every step, every corner, reveals a piece of our legacy.

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