Redefining the Entrance Experience to the Costa Rican Border

    A traveler in Costa Rica can experience a smooth, safe, and secure border

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    Travel and tourism is expected to grow in the coming years, with a projection of 8.2 billion tourists by 2037, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). For years, international travel experiences, at the points of departure and arrival, have been laborious and cumbersome. Countries with inefficient airports, endless processes of documentation, visas, and immigration validations, as well as endemic systems, including Juan Santamaría and Guanacaste, urgently need a complete overhaul to respond to the anticipated demand and newly redefined expectations of the global tourist.

    Today, arriving or departing international travelers must complete the same information multiple times through multiple checkpoints, at different stages of border crossings. In fact, safety and security, and a convenient arrival experience are an important aspect of a traveler’s expectations and a high priority for the global travel and tourism industry. Therefore, creating the right border crossing processes requires immigration departments, appropriate government agencies, and the airport authority to come together.

    It is time to implement the right, interoperable technology, all with an integrated approach that brings together government and the private sector to maximize and enhance the tourism experience at every touchpoint. The growing demands of security controls and protection at borders make it necessary to think of an “intersection”, and the willingness to collaborate between Immigration departments, tourism ministries, the private sector, and technological partners.

    Although Costa Rica has made some progress at its airports by extending the use of digital forms, automated gates, and self-check-in kiosks upon arrival, visitors still seek a seamless check-in and check-out experience. The ICAO Border Control Management Travel Guide, Part 1 states: “The business imperatives of airport operators and airlines must be reconciled with the regulatory responsibilities of government agencies. Efficient passenger processing and a good passenger experience must be reconciled with efficient security screening”.

    The implementation of new technology platforms, such as the MagellanGO Travel app, for example, creates a new opportunity for travelers to prepare in advance for all the data required at an international port of entry, and become the “anti-toxic” so that immigration departments manage national security, increase efficiency and ensure a smooth airport process, while expediting the movement of travelers. This ingenious immigration technology platform is a comprehensive and secure digital travel wallet, bringing together multiple applications into an all-in-one app for travelers, simplifying the border entry process and providing a frictionless experience for international travelers.

    For immigration departments in Costa Rica, this innovator enhances border security, offers real-time search, reporting and data analysis capabilities, and provides a border entry document management platform. Specifically, for Immigration and Foreign Affairs Departments, it helps automate eVisa applications and approvals, digitizes Immigration, customs and other required government forms, ensures real-time passport and identity verification, compiles tourism analytics and provides government agencies a file of border entry forms and a document management system. New technologies are expanding the possibilities of redefining border entry in Costa Rica under a new norm of data analysis and safe travel. The power of data and insights provided by this digital “Smart Travel Wallet” enables the safe and seamless movement of visitors across international borders. However, it takes the will of government to advocate for the right changes and a holistic approach to working in the right technology environment by “adopting and adapting” a new mindset. Using a digital travel wallet creates a seamless, secure and comprehensive travel experience to meet the expectations of new travelers.

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