Beware! Packaged Nutritional Promises For Children Are Very Misleading

Avoid being tricked into buying products with false promises

Children food

Children are not growing at the expected pace and we can not neglect infant nutrition, every time products are introduced into the market under the promise that they can achieve this or that, we are presented with the dilemma about what to do.

One option may be to let ourselves be suggested by those supposedly wonderful benefits and run to the supermarket to buy that packaged promise, which apparently has all the permits and legal records.

Another option is not to be so naive and see how true those wonders are. You have to be very cautious when it comes to products intended for children. In this sense, it is best to better the understanding, so that they do not put our children in harm’s way.

An average family eating really healthy foods

It is understandable that many mothers, who live struggling to meet multiple challenges imposed by life, neglect the adequate nutrition of their children and are easy prey to those advertising traps that say they meet “all” nutritional for the growth process.

Children are daily in schools, nurseries, or are cared for by family members who, although they are adults, do not always stop to analyze correct eating habits. Food then becomes a roulette: today the child received balanced food, but we do not know if tomorrow is like that.

Like a magic wand, there appears on the TV screen or in the advertising Internet media, a product in a small envelope, which according to the publicity, promises to make your child the greatest of athletes, and the smartest of the scientist. That is a small capsule with the seven powers or a Harry Potter-style potion. But in fact, it’s very far from that. By no means, a powder that dissolves in water can become a nutritious drink and satisfies the integral needs of youngsters. It is necessary to take a clear and firm conscience about what children should eat and drink. Balanced food intake can never be replaced by a drink. This, without denying that there are processed products that help supplement a natural and balanced diet. There are also re-hydrating drinks that help athletes after they exercise.

As much as we are in the third millennium and the food industry has achieved significant achievements, food is still a natural process, which must be conscientiously consumed for not only for those of infant age but also for young people, adults, and seniors.

Different food groups

One thing is to give our children simple refreshments and another very different and very risky to health, is to pretend to feed them with the contents of a sachet and believe that this will replace a bowl of soup, a piece of meat with rice or a good plate of boiled fish filet.

Therefore, the warning is that if we allow products with deceitful promises to become supposed suppliers of the nutrition requirements of children, we will encourage that not only adults disregard a primordial function such as encouraging a balanced intake of food, but that we will exacerbate the existence of children with nutritional deficiencies in social strata with a lack of nutrients, and we will increase health problems due to excess vitamins and minerals due to inadequate health balance.

Organic cooking can be delicious!

For today’s little ones to eat some lettuce, paprika, broccoli, cauliflower or Swiss chard, you have to work miracles. This has undoubtedly turned into a pitched fight, and there are many more worried parents because they fear that their little ones are not consuming the necessary vitamins and minerals. The most important thing is that these habits are acquired from the first meals given to the infant, it is at this stage that they should include these types of foods to their future diet.

It is propitious to mention that the whole family should eat vegetables and fruits, as it is useless to try to make children enjoy these types of foods if the adults in the house omit this type of food. It must also be ratified in front of the children, each time it is possible, how important, healthy and delicious it is to consume vegetables, fruits and meats, and also all the benefits that they provide, offering a host of minerals, vitamins, and proteins, all necessary to have the energy for enjoying the day-to-day activities.

SOURCEYesenia Mujica
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