Alarming Figures: 70% of Adults Suffer from Hypertension in Costa Rica

A Historical and Global Disease that, according to the WHO Statistics, now Has a Firm Grasp in Our Nation

Studies that have been carried out by the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), indicate that 7 out of 10 elderly people in our country now suffer from hypertension, a disease that is much more common in women. The figures indicate that of approximately one million 356 thousand 305 queries that occur in Tico soil, a number of 846 thousand 639 correspond to women while about 509 thousand 666 are men, both in different ranges of age.

Within the framework of the “High Blood Pressure Education Month”, is May 18th, the central commemoration day for this fight, in which many Ticos are involved, several activities were carried out for this purpose.

Román Macaba, promoter of many of these initiatives, expressed the concern that more and more young people are suffering from this disease. This is most cases is due to a lifestyle framed in excess and failure to comply with a healthy diet. Let’s know more about the result of these studies. The studies that have been carried out in recent days by the (CCSS), have expressed that 15.2% of patients between 20 and 40 years have been diagnosed with this anomaly, so far this year. That is, a value close to 250 thousand people. This disease is complex because in many ways being intertwined with other pathologies.

With reference to this, it is important to highlight that every 4 or 10 hypertensive patients suffer from diabetes which makes them prone to suffer other organic damages since both diseases together are wear down badly many organs. So the care in this type of patient must be unique, with periodic visits to the health specialist, which is key to maintaining stable health. A more serene lifestyle is the key to success.

The essential element when talking about this type of disease is to take lifespan practices, that is, that reduce this condition; Authorities linked to the health sector constantly ask the population to immediately begin to improve their lifestyle.

Healthy nutrition prevents hypertension

This with the firm purpose of preventing this type of illness, that in the worst case the final outcome is death through heart attacks or strokes. Some of the main triggers for Hypertension are bad eating habits, consuming excessive salt, not practicing any type of exercise and on the contrary, experiencing a sedentary life.

What to do? Currently, a 1.108.497 Ticos must take treatment against high blood pressure on a daily and permanent basis to be able to live bearing the symptoms of this disease.

Among the main recommendations to combat and prevent this disease the following stand out:

–-Weight control through healthy diets and exercise. –-Abandoning completely bad habits like alcohol and cigarettes, among other vices that are agents that trigger this pathology. –-Eating more fruits and vegetables, the consumption of these elements could to a large extent curb the direct incidence of hypertension. –-It is important to go to periodic medical check-ups, because this will allow evaluating the state of your blood pressure and if it is necessary to indicate the proper medication. –-Decreased consumption of processed food products. –-Include relaxation techniques in your day to day, this with the intention not only to reduce stress but in order to help lower blood pressure levels.

Blood pressure measuring device on isolated black background

Who gets medicated as a treatment? Generally, medical treatment is indicated for patients with diastolic pressure values greater than 90 mm or systolic values greater than 140 mm. These results obtained by controlled regular measurements over a certain amount of time. Patients with diastolic blood pressure less than 89 mm are also treated, or with a systolic tension greater than 160 mm.

On the other hand, there are pre-hypertensive patients or those who do not need specific medical treatment but rather adjust their life habits and make them more attached to exercise and diet.

Finally, this type of disease will depend a lot on the disposition that the person has, to get ahead either adapting their lifestyle to the indications of the doctor or through the proper medication.

SOURCEYesenia Mujica
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