Music Therapy Improves Hypertension

    High Blood Pressure Can Be Controlled Effectively

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    Hypertension is perhaps the main concern of adults and elderly people

    Extreme emotions are a trigger for high blood pressure. This is something that doctors always emphasize and, this being an eminently emotional factor, diet and medicines cannot do much about it. However, if we want to work on the problem from the behavioral point of view, music may be an option that many have not yet explored.

    How can music therapy help us control hypertension?

    Medical assistance, blood pressure monitors, and pills are commonly used for the prevention of hypertension, but there is a new alternative insight: music therapy. It has been scientifically proven that certain types of music have the ability to regulate and influence the systolic and diastolic pressure.

    In this way, problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and pre-infarcts could be prevented. Slow rhythms and harmonic music can improve vasodilation by 26%. This also helps us to avoid deficiencies and heart diseases, especially when they are related to unexpected mood changes, tantrums, and other manifestations of emotional origin. However, not all types of music have the same influence on the human being. This is something that we can feel ourselves, by listening to different types of musical rhythms and genres.

    Classical music has proven positive effects

    According to some specialists, the effect of classical music on vaso-constriction has been proven. There are many experiments that have been conducted around this musical genre, which has achieved the best effects to regulate tension. Classical pieces like “Serenade N° 13 in G major” by Mozart or “The 4 Seasons” by Vivaldi have been subjected to scientific tests and the results are amazing.

    Music therapy is often a key treatment for hypertensive patients.
    Music therapy keys

    In fact, meditation music sets a trend in this type of experience and has been designed to work on behavioral problems and generate benefits for the people who listen to it. However, other musical styles could also benefit our circulatory system. After all, all these styles can be included as part of a treatment based on music therapy.

    We ourselves can experience the effects of music therapy. It has been determined that stimuli such as laughter, the environment, or music are determinants in our emotionality and influence the state of our blood pressure.

    The best thing is that we can experience this on our own. If we try, the mere fact of listening to a melody that we like generates an emotional stimulus. And its effect is notorious from the moment we put on headphones and start listening to the music that we like the most.

    Relaxing effect

    Although there is not yet a total consensus on this subject, some researchers call this phenomenon as “Effect of Relaxation”. The release of stress and emotional or psychological distension help to prevent elevations of our blood pressure. In this sense, music therapy has the ability to induce a relaxing sensation, although this is not the only way to do it.

    Music therapy helps to relax our mind and body.
    Music therapy helps to relax our mind and body

    Deep breathing, traveling for pleasure, or just laying on a sofa may have similar effects to achieve relaxation. Today, researchers believe that this relaxation effect is the fastest way to lower stress naturally. And this without resorting to some type of medicine. Even the most optimistic believe that music could replace hypertensive medical treatments, or at least they expect that in the case of certain patients.

    A recommended relaxation exercise

    If we feel overwhelmed by some strong emotion, or the tensiometer indicates an unusual rise in tension, we must seek relaxation as soon as possible. Among other alternatives, one of the most recommended is to start listening to soft music, with rhythmic patterns and being of our total pleasure.

    For this, we can go to a room or a quieter environment. The idea is to lie down in a comfortable place and begin to breathe deeply while listening to the selected music. In addition, we must gradually reduce the intensity of our breathing. In this way, several relaxation techniques are combined with the idea of being able to avoid hypertension and its effects on health.

    Music allows us to control stress rises without side effects

    There are many advantages to this discovery. The most important is that this type of treatment allows us to obtain favorable results, without having to deal with the typical side effects of hypertensive medications. In addition, by implementing this type of therapy you can achieve a better quality in any medical treatment for patients.

    And the best of all, we do not need a lot of money to start our own music therapy treatment. With just a music player, a pair of earphones, and a quiet or cozy space are more than enough to start.

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