Government of Costa Rica Offered to Receive 10 Million Stateless People

This Means Millions of Opportunities to People without Nationality from All Around the World

10 million people could live in Costa Rica thanks to the fact that the President Luis Guillermo Solís and the Chancellor Manuel González signed the Regulation for the Declaration of the Status of the Stateless Person, during an activity held a few days ago at the Hall “Dorado”, in the Chancellery headquarters.

What is a “Stateless” person?

A stateless person is one who is not recognized as a national by any State. It is considered that there are more than 10 million in the whole planet, so the country when signing this regulation opens the door to those people without a nationality. They are usually people to whom a State denies their nationality because they are the son of foreign parents or belong to a country that disappears due to geopolitical changes.

There are about 10 million stateless people around the world.
Stateless people statistics around the world

“The Costa Rican State has committed itself to the eradication of this unworthy form of survival. The procedure to which we are joining guarantees that these people can enjoy their human rights, starting with the elementals, such as the right to an identity document that makes them the recipient of duties and rights of a State, “said Foreign Minister Manuel González. This way, Costa Rica becomes one of the few countries that are part of that Convention.

When were the International Conventions on Statelessness established?

The International Conventions on Statelessness were established in 1954 (Convention on the Status of Stateless People) and 1961 (Convention to Reduce Cases of Statelessness). In 1974, the General Assembly of the United Nations asked UNHRC to provide limited legal assistance and, in 1996, it ordered it to expand its mission through the promotion of the reduction of cases of statelessness worldwide.

UNHRC deals with human rights affairs worldwide.
UNHRC logo

Statelessness is a massive problem that affects an average of 10 million people around the world and has a terrible impact on those people’s lives. The possession of nationality is essential for full participation in society and a pre-requisite for the enjoyment of many fundamental rights.

Why foreigners value Costa Rica as one of the best destinations?

On the other hand, needless to say that Costa Rica is one of the best-valued destinations by foreigners from virtually all over the world. In this respect, it is the 3rd safest country in all of Latin America, the most democratic, and with the best environmental management and protection policy.

Costa Rica offers a set of institutional values for stateless people.
Costa Rica values

In short, we can affirm that for those who want to live and work in Costa Rica, all the indicators are positive; it enjoys efficient medical care coverage, an excellent education system, and a stable economy. In addition, it is an earthly Eden due to its incredible biodiversity, considered as one of the most impressive in the world.

Are you one of those stateless people? If so… Welcome to Costa Rica, your new homeland!!

SOURCEAbelardo Canelo
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