October 24th: The United Nations Day

    Today the UN Has 193 Members

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    When is it celebrated?

    United Nations Day is celebrated on October 24 every year. On this day, a commemoration of the work carried out by this organization to achieve peace, security, as well as to fight against poverty and injustice in the world is made.


    This day, the Anniversary of the entry into force of the Charter of the United Nations (UN), which took place on October 24th, 1945, is conmemorated. That is why, from 1948 until today, the United Nations Day is celebrated every October 24th.

    UN Headquarters

    The headquarters of the UN is a complex in New York City. It has served as the official headquarters of the United Nations since its completion in 1952. Located in Turtle Bay, the UN has 3 additional subsidiaries, regional headquarters, or district headquarters. These were inaugurated in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1946, Vienna (Austria) in 1980, and Nairobi (Kenya) in 2011.

    UN headquarters
    UN headquarters

    What is the meaning of this day?

    It is a day in which every work carried out by the UN is highlighted. There are exhibitions in which you can observe photographs or iconographs, documentaries to demonstrate the great social work the UN has carried out, as well as help programs for the poorest and unprotected people.


    The international organization of the United Nations emerged after the 2nd World War in 1945, in which a total of 51 countries committed themselves to carry out actions to ensure peace, to increase the relations among them as well as the improvement of the human rights.

    Today more than 190 countries are committed to the organization in search of peace, tolerance among peoples, eradication of poverty, etc. The actions and initiatives carried out by this organization cover many social and human aspects. Throughout history are attributed great and very numerous successes in conflicts and difficult situations for people.

    In its General Assembly, Costa Rica is represented by Juan Carlos Mendoza, former deputy of the Legislative Assembly and presidential pre-candidate for the national elections of 2014.

    In addition to this General Assembly, the UN has a number of bodies including the Security Council, the International Court of Justice in The Hague, and the Economic and Social Council. The latter is responsible for the creation of the Commission on Human Rights, of which Costa Rica was a party until recently, on October 21, it failed to be reelected within that commission.

    Costa Rica in the UN
    Costa Rica in the UN

    Our country has been part of the United Nations since its creation, while the last country to be included in the UN was South Sudan, which gained independence from Sudan in 2011.

    2017 marks 73 years of struggle, and the previous year the UN explained the reason for the international days. In this sense, the body explained that the General Assembly, in many of the resolutions in which it designates this or that date as International Day, have an important objective.

    “Raising awareness, raising awareness; pointing out that there is an unresolved problem, an important and pending issue in societies”, they explained.

    UN’s Main Objectives

    The UN has a fundamental role in the development of peoples. Among the functions attributed to the organization are:

    • To achieve peace among nations.
    • To comply with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    • To commit to the Environmental Protection.
    • To erradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
    • To provide humanitarian aid in conflicts, especially for children and older people.
    • To improve the living conditions of the refugeed people.
    • To impulse the development of the “3rd World” countries.
    • To reduce children’s mortality rate.
    • To grant support for environmental issues.
    • To combat HIV – AIDS, malaria, and other serious diseases.
    Children representing Peace, Justice, and Equality values
    Children representing Peace, Justice, and Equality values

    UN Corps

    The most important corps of the UN are:

    The General Assembly consists of the meeting of all member countries.

    The Security Council deals with the issues of war and peace.

    The Economic and Social Council seeks solutions to socio-economic problems.

    The Trusteeship Council helps by assisting undocumented populations.

    The International Court of Justice will manage justice in areas where it does not exist.

    The Secretariat carries out new initiatives and their subsequent development.

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