The Mamon Verde Fruit May Help People with High Blood Pressure

Potassium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin C are just some of the nutrients in this fruit

If you suffer from high blood pressure, adding the Mamon Verde or Criollo fruit to your diet can help to control this chronic illness. Nutritionist, Kathryn Von Saalfeld, explained that the fruit provides phosphorus, a nutrient that can help to regulate blood pressure. According to Saalfeld it’s important for the population as a whole.

Besides phosphorus, the fruit contains potassium, another valuable nutrient for those with high blood pressure problems., added nutritionist Juliana Barbosa.

Mamon Verde or Criollo Fruit

However, Saalfeld emphasized that it is important for these patients to maintain a diet specific to their condition and recommended by a specific doctor or nutritionist.
Meanwhile , Barboza added that the fruit is further characterized by being low in calories, so its consumption is very friendly not only for those affected by high blood pressure but also for diabetics or people who seek to lose weight or lead a restrictive diet.

According to other consulted specialists, other properties that green mamon have compared with other fruits include: it provides a considerable amount of iron, a mineral essential for tissue oxygenation .
“Usually, fruits are not an important source of iron, but the amount the green mamom has an above average amount. Thus, you can use it to aid vulnerable populations such as growing children and pregnant women ,” said Dr. Von Saalfeld .

The fruit also offers a rich supply of vitamins A and C, substances which are vital for eye health and proper functioning of the immune system, respectively. Both experts also stressed that it is essential to be very careful with consumption as the many seeds can put people at risk of choking.
It is important, particularly for children, to remove the pulp by hand  before consumption to have a safe and smooth intake, said the director of the National Children’s Hospital ( HNN ), Olga Arguedas

SOURCEAidan McMorrow
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