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    Skin Changes Due to a Gastric Bypass

    Skin Changes Due to a Gastric Bypass

    One of the first effects that a gastric bypass produces is on the skin, and is mainly due to the bad absorption of nutrients that occurs after the intervention

    The Key to Eat Better and, at the Same Time, Protect the Planet

    To feed 10,000 million humans by 2050, in a healthy way and respecting the planet at the same time, experts advocate dividing the consumption...

    The Best Sugar Substitute Is Water!

    Something is set to change when the World Health Organization (WHO) issues its recommendations on the use of food sweeteners, later this year. These...

    Did You Know that Moving to Another Country Could Affect Your Gut Bacteria?

    Believe it or not, when we decide to move to another country, we are also changing the scenario for our own bacteria population. In...

    Clinical Risks of Obesity

    Since 1988, the scientific community has been dedicated to treating this disease and laboratories have allocated sufficient resources for the development of drugs that...

    Cases of Obesity on the Rise in Costa Rica

    Obesity is an increasing problem in certain places, according to report on the Body Mass Index of the Costa Rican population from 1975 to...
    cough flu influenza cold

    Cold or Influenza? Listen to Your Body!

    Having a cold is a nuisance: your nose is running, your throat hurts and your ears ache from pressure. In other words: you feel sick...
    Sabrina Formal Maria Castro Yaris Cup CCTC Costa Rica Viva Circuit Danny Formal Marco Castro

    Girl Power Show that Women can Drive in Yaris Cup

    Ever since we have cars, driving is a men-exclusive task. Women are labeled as incapable of being behind the wheel just because. Now, the...

    Italian Proposal Would Jail Vegan Parents Who Force Diet on Children

      The bill came to be after four cases of hospitalized children who were found to be severely malnourished after being kept on the diet...

    The Mamon Verde Fruit May Help People with High Blood Pressure

    If you suffer from high blood pressure, adding the Mamon Verde or Criollo fruit to your diet can help to control this chronic illness....

    More than 3 million Costa Ricans are overweight or obese

    Obesity is among the most common health problems in the country and in Latin America In Costa Rica, 64.2% of the population suffers from this...

    Up or Out: How What You Eat Affects How You Grow

    Costa Ricans are markedly taller than they were 50 years ago, but that’s not the only direction they’re growing. Let’s face it. Costa Rican’s are...
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