Cases of Obesity on the Rise in Costa Rica

    Methods to lose weight can generate frustration

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    Obesity is an increasing problem in certain places, according to report on the Body Mass Index of the Costa Rican population from 1975 to 2014 carried out and published by the Hispanoamerican University.

    According to this study, the percentage of Costa Ricans with a normal weight has decreased, while the number of cases of body localized and morbid obesity has increased, especially in women. When the body mass index is higher than 40, it’s called morbid obesity. Obesity rates have gone up to 1000% in Costa Rica since 1975.

    Why is it so hard to lose weight and keep trim?

    Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day is a good way to shed pounds.

    The number of cases have an upward trend. The autorities are trying to raise awareness of the problem in the population. Experts believe that it’s necessary to educate children about this health issue as well. Adriana Alvarado , manager of the Clinical Nutrition Center pointed out that some people tackle the problem while others prefer to continue with their bad eating habits despite the consequences.

    “There are many factors that lead to obesity, for this reason, an overweight person should go to the dietitian to find out the meat of the problem. Fitness is something you achieve by exercising and also with a lot of sacrifice.” – Alvarado said.

    According to the Latin American Health Science Journal , over 60% of the world population is overweight or obese.

    Dietitian Alvarado explains that today’s people have a more stressful life, with a lot of work everyday, which means that they don’t have time to prepare their meals at home. This problem produces a chain reaction, because unhealthy habits are learned by children. However, friends may also influence in a person’s routine.

    Sendetariness is another factor to consider. People who work all day long or for many hours walk less often and rarely work out because they don’t have time. Exercising is not only about lifting weights, going up and down stairs is helpful too.

    Alvarado added that many people show a different reaction to this reality. Some people recognize their problem and start looking for fast weight losing methods desperately. They become anxious and resort to pills, smoothies or extreme but unstable diets. “In the end, those diets are ineffective because they generally produce a rebound effect. Such effects make people regain weight after dropping sizes. Losing and regaining weight gets people discouraged therefore they end up quittig their goal of becoming fit. It is such a vicious circle.”

    Another factor is definitely the low self-esteem, which can also cause depression and anxiety. “There are other diseases linked to obesity two of which are hyperthyroidism and diabetes. Also, pregnancy can occasionally lead to an overweight condition. When this happens, most women don’t do anything to find the way back to fitness.” – Alvarado continued.

    So, what measures to take in this situation?

    There are certainly things you can do to counteract the overweight problem. You can start by exercising, and changing your feeding habits. Thirty minutes are the amount of minutes recommended for a work-out session or a hike. In addition to this, you can also schedule and prepare your meals.

    Experts believe that it’s completely wrong to think that gaining or losing weight is a result of behavior or willpower. It’s simple Math, the more you eat, the more you should exercise to lose pounds. But, human behavior is not easy to decode. There are various genetic, hormonal and neural factors that are not mentioned in this article. Eating behavior, as well as sleeping behavior, is dependant on biological processes.

    These exercises may help you lose weight.

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