11th Ca ‘FOSCARI Short Film Festival

    30 Short Films In The International Competition From Over 20 Countries

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    The Ca ’Foscari Short Film Festival reaches its eleventh edition, which will take place in a” widespread “dimension in Venice from 6th to 9th October with a very rich program. The Festival proposes a new edition composed yet again of numerous special programs, important guests and an international competition of short films. All of this is made possible thanks to the help of old and new partners and a crowdfunding campaign.

    Furthermore, the Festival binds itself to the city of Venice and its main institutions, becoming a “widespread” gathering. In fact, the audience will be able to watch the films not only in the historic location of the Santa Margherita Auditorium, but also in museums, art galleries and cultural institutions throughout Venice (and Mestre).

    The best selection

    The heart of the festival stems from 30 short films of the best universities and film schools worldwide that will compete in the International Competition. It will present a high-level competition, since over 2,500 films have been submitted for the selection, ranging from genres and film traditions from over twenty countries. The international jury that will award the winner of the International Competition is traditionally composed by three personalities from the world of cinema.

    For the eleventh edition, the members of the jury will be the writer and director Philippe Claudel, the American animator Tony Grillo and the Italian director and planner Laura Aimone.

    Two side competitions have been confirmed: the “Olga Brunner Levi” award, dedicated to the theme of women in music, and the fifth edition of the Music Videos Competition dedicated to music videos realized by students of Italian and international universities and film schools.  Both competitions will be awarded by a special jury.

    Costa Rica’s participation

    Costa Rica is participating to the Music Videos Competition with “Pinchazo” by the artists Carlos Méndez, directed by Javier Guerrero and Miguel Noboa, which evokes a despotic atmosphere of oppression and dictatorship.

    Alongside the International Competition and the Music Video Competition, as always, there will be a rich proposal of special programs, masterclasses, focuses, retrospectives, and special guests, starting with the Japanese cult filmmaker Tsukamoto Shin’ya. After having created an animated promo for the activities related to cinema of Ca ‘Foscari, he will come back to the University ten years later for an unmissable masterclass during which he will remember his legendary career, starting from his cult film Tetsuo up to the most recent.

    Another interesting special program will be focused on the exploration of woman figures within a patriarchal and conservative environment: Defiance by Shazia Iqbal and Castles in the Air by Tarun Dudeja as part of the annual appointment with Indian cinema curated by Cecilia Cossio.

    Resonance Costa Rica

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