1,250 Animals Affected By Floods Receive Veterinary Attention in the Caribbean And Northern Zone

    Thanks to the support of the Humane Society International (HSI)

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    A total of 1,250 pets (mostly dogs and cats) received free emergency veterinary care. This after the floods that affected the Caribbean and the North Zone weeks ago. Thanks to the support of the Humane Society International (HSI), in August mobile clinics were set up in five of the communities identified as priorities by the authorities.

    This with the support of the National Animal Health Service (Senasa) and other animal welfare organizations. It is in San Rafael and a Maleku territory, Guatuso; Sixaola, Suretka and Naranjales, and Sarapiquí.

    Skin and rabies conditions

    Dozens of people with their pets showed up at these sites to receive basic veterinary care. Most of the dogs and cats received care for skin conditions caused by flooding, rabies vaccination, deworming, and flea treatment.

    Animal care

    Also wound cleaning and antibiotic or anti-inflammatory therapies, in required cases. Likewise, Senasa donated food and other supplies for the animals such as plates, collars, leashes and blankets.

    “Animals also suffer the impact of natural disasters, be they floods, volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. “That is why at HSI we support government entities in emergency veterinary care for pets that have been affected,” said Andrea Borel, executive director of HSI Latin America. Borel also highlighted the importance of both companion and farm animals being taken into account in family, local, and even national emergency plans.
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