Writer Hilda Chen-Apuy Is Declared ‘Meritorious Woman of the Homeland’

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    Costa Rica has a new ‘Benemérita de la Patria’. This is Hilda Chen-Apuy Espinoza, renowned writer and teacher.

    The Legislative Assembly gave her such a distinction with the vote of 44 deputies last Thursday. “Doña Hilda’s influence is reflected in her enormous commitment to defending Human Rights and also in promoting women”, said PLN deputy Francisco Nicolás, the proponent of the initiative.

    Born in 1923, in Puntarenas, Chen-Apuy was a researcher, writer, and academic. She died at the age of 94, on December 11th, 2017. In 2003, she was awarded the Magón National Culture Award for her contributions to Costa Rican culture. “Honor to whom honor she deserves”, reiterated deputy Nicolás.

    Hilda Chen-Apuy was an educator. She taught classes on Egyptian art, ancient and modern history of India, China, and Japan. Between 1971 and 1976, she directed the Department of Cultural History at the University of Costa Rica; furthermore, between 1979 and 1984 she coordinated the Universal History section at the School of History and Geography.

    In 1975, she became the first woman to be president of the University Council of the UCR. Due to her dedication and her insistence on introducing cultural diversity, especially the oriental one, she received the Rodrigo FacioBrenes Award in 2008.

    Granting of a new merit

    The declaration of women is one more that this Legislative Assembly has made in 2023. That same week, last Tuesday, they also declared former President Luis Alberto Monge as ‘Meritorious Man of the Homeland’. Weeks ago, they honored ex-soccer player and ex-politician EladioRosabal Cordero with that honor.

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