5 Practical Tips when Visiting a Volcano

    Volcano tourism is booming, as it is an exciting and very interesting visit. However, although this has become very popular, we must not forget that visiting a volcano always entails dangers for our own safety

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    Without a doubt, being able to see volcanic eruptions and experience them first hand is a unique experience. If you would like to be near any of these windows into the earth, you should know that you will have to put into practice some tips about your own safety. In today’s article, we want to share with you a series of useful recommendations so that you can enjoy your experience to the fullest.

    What should be taken into account in order to visit a volcano?

    The rules and recommendations may vary depending on the volcano we are going to visit. However, there is usually a series of common tips that can be useful for any destination:

    1- Plan your trip in advance

    It is advisable to plan this type of trip well, so look for information about the volcano before your visit. In addition, if you book your route in advance you can check online all the facilities of the place or the itinerary.

    If, on the contrary, you choose not to book in advance, it is possible that in high season there are no places available in any of the groups for the same day of your visit. So, whenever possible, we recommend that you book online.

    2- Travel well equipped

    The visit to the volcano usually entails a hiking route in the surroundings, so it is advisable to wear good shoes to walk a few kilometers where you can enjoy the landscape.

    We also advise you to wear comfortable clothes and something warm, as well as sunglasses and sun cream. Although it is important to take these recommendations into account throughout the year, in summer, especially, do not forget to bring enough water to avoid dehydration.

    3- Follow the rules

    It is convenient that the rules established by the authorities of the area are followed at all times. If an area is closed off because it’s considered unsafe, don’t risk it. Your unique experience could go awry.

    Many people have had accidents because they ignored warnings from the authorities. Even if you think that the area seems safe, in a volcano there are always dangers that may not be seen with the naked eye. Volcanic eruptions can cause toxic gases and unstable soils.

    4- Look for an authorized guide

    Although it is possible to visit some volcanoes with a guide or independently in others, especially those that are active, it is necessary to have an authorized person to guide the route. It is essential to follow the instructions of the guide at all times.

    In some places, tourists are approached to see the active volcano by helicopter or plane, despite warnings from the authorities. Do not put yourself in danger and always take into account the recommendations of the authorities, not people who seek to earn extra money.

    5- Respect the environment

    Visiting a volcano implies direct contact with the environment. For this reason, it is important to respect the environment, not disturb the animals or uproot, collect or extract plants and minerals, as well as disturb any other natural element. The waste generated during the visit, keep it in the backpack until you reach the populated areas. Never leave garbage outside the collection areas.

    In the same way, in general, vehicles cannot be driven outside paved areas open to the public. For this reason, we recommend seeking information about the volcano and its regulations before the visit. In this way, you can collaborate to make the trip more pleasant and safe, as well as contribute to preserving this unique environment.

    If the established rules are met, a visit to the volcano can be a unique and safe experience. Without a doubt, this is one of the experiences that you will never forget in your life. Always follow the recommendations and enjoy your visit, without the need to put your safety or that of your companions at risk.

    From now on, would you like to enjoy a fascinating trip to see a volcanic eruption?

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