Who is Gordon Ramsay, the Famous Chef that is Vacationing in Costa Rica?

    It is the second time that he visits the land of “Pura Vida”

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    Gordon Ramsay is a famous British chef on vacation in Costa Rica. It is his second time on national soil and this time he does it with his family, without the threats he said suffered in 2010. At that time, he denounced that armed subjects targeted him when he was here recording a documentary on the shark fin market.

    “There were people pointing rifles at us to stop us filming,” he then told the Daily Mail. “A van stopped and these characters made us stand against the wall,” added the chef who has a reputation for being explosive, arrogant but very successful.

    A distinct personality

    Ramsay is the face of one of the most successful shows called Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a cooking reality show that brings out “the worst” in this Michelin-starred chef. In the different programs it can be observed when Ramsay yells mercilessly at the applicants. But they also insult the food when it is not to their liking.

    And this explosive, overbearing personality is on the air again with the nineteenth season of the show, which airs on Fox channel. The show was filmed in April but due to the Pandemic so far it is on screen.

    Very sincere

    Asked about his degree of brutal honesty, he says: “I never regret anything. I am a passionate guy. Days ago I went to see an incredible hockey playoff game and one of the players was knocked out. Nobody gave a shit. The public continued shouting and shouting, the players had to continue …where does this leave me? I just believe in what I do. I want only the best. And, you know, I have good days and bad days. I think bad days seem more interesting and the good ones seem more boring. For the public it is a combination of both. But no. I definitely do not regret anything. No no no.”

    And about what he looks for a person who works in the kitchen, Ramsay replied: “I am looking for someone who has vision, someone who is daring, tenacious. And someone who has determination”.

    Controversy over live goat death

    In 2019 Ramsay unleashed a wave of criticism when on the Masterchef Australia program he shot a goat live, cooked it and finally ate it, along with other participants. Guests rated the dish “perfect.” The hunt occurred in New Zealand. “The people here are hunters who harvest and hunt their own food in the mountains, the ocean and the forest,” he told Ramsay chef Monique Fiso, who invited him to kill the animal.

    The organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) asked at that time that legal measures be taken against the channel that broadcast the program. Ramsay is also the face of other very successful formats like MasterChef, The F Word, and Gordon Ramsay behind bars. He also has another program with National Geographic.

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