Famed Chef Gordon Ramsay Delighted with Caribbean Food at Limon

    In his surprise visit to Costa Rica

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    The renowned British chef Gordon Ramsay is visiting the country and this week he was enjoying Caribbean food at Limon where he was recognized by the neighbors. Kisha Moore, attending the Soda Mirna in Puerto Viejo, recognized him as she served the guest rice and beans with chicken and a tripe soup.

    “He arrived around 1:20 pm and was wearing a cap, he looked unrecognizable. When I brought him the food and asked who the order was from, they all told me that it was for him. I hid and asked my partner if she had not seen that man in any program, she noticed and told me that in Masterchef”, she said.

    According to the young attendant, Ramsay ate both dishes and said it was incredible, very delicious. He took off his cap and straightened his hair to take a picture with us. He left quickly because people were recognizing him. “We didn’t even notice when he left. For us it was very nice what he said that about the food because he is so famous”, said Moore, before saying that someone probably recommended to Ramsay the Soda.

    Laid-back fame

    The also television presenter was visiting the beaches of Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo, and various places in the South Caribbean. He got to the soda by bicycle. The 54-year-old is considered the third most famous chef in the world.

    Throughout his career, he has garnered 17 Michelin stars. He is known for the shows: Hells Kitchen, The F Word, Kitchen Nightmares, and the American version of Masterchef. According to the immigration office, he entered the country on January 8th and has not registered for departure yet.

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