When You Are Planning to Travel by Air, Make Sure to Take the Following into Consideration

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    Coordinating, dates and times when you travel by air is not easy and, if we do not pay attention to the details that we enter in the search parameters or once the round trip tickets have been purchased, we may have to change our route and stop boarding any plane within the chosen program. We recommend that you read the contracting conditions (generally written in fine print) before making unilateral decisions that may affect your trip and your pocket.

    For taking into account:

    If you decide during your journey to skip an intermediate flight because you have decided to change the date and contract that section with another airline, you will be exposed to losing your seat on the final return to your country of origin. This happens because the companies, almost in their entirety, completely drop the original reservation and ticket plan if you decide not to use their service in a certain section of the total transfer.

    When you show up to check in to return to your country, you will receive the inexorable response: “Dear passenger, you must purchase another ticket due to the impossibility of being relocated”… terrible, but unappealable.

    Advice, always read the fine print and be aware of the obligation to take all sections of the route. What has been said is the result of a general rule common to all airlines, but some companies solve the problem by applying a significant surcharge to the passenger to lift the plan and enable their relocation.

    It is logical that you wonder the rationale offered by the airlines to justify this policy. The company assumes that if you have stopped complying with any section of the contracted flight plan, you will no longer use the rest, therefore they attribute the right to put the space back for sale that eventually and at their discretion you should not use.

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