When Pope Francis Says That Costa Rican Coffee Is The Best In The World, Does He Also Include Heaven?

    Is it possible that Costa Rican coffee is indeed the best in all contexts?

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    If there is a country that is the cradle of diplomacy, that is the Vatican. And the language of international relations is and always has been very stealthy, very subliminal.

    It seems that what they say is conclusive, but it may be that what they say is not, or maybe yes, or maybe not. Conclusion: put your hands to your head, anything can happen.

    For example, when a diplomat says that you have to take “appropriate measures” with a nation, the best thing to do is pack your bags, put the whole family on the first bus you see and it tells me that even if you are ten thousand kilometers from your home you’re still close

    In other words: if one day the United States says that it is going to take “according measures” with Costa Rica, the safest thing is when you return, the only thing you will find is aguanacaste and a couple of chonetes to remember that the country of Pura Vida was ever here.

    Does the same happen with Costa Rican coffee?

    Therefore, when Pope Francis said that “Costa Rican coffee is the best in the world”… What did Bergoglio mean?Perhaps, in a broad sense, that he loves coffee, that he is wide awake and that he knows everything about how rulers and their followers spend it?

    Perhaps, in a less generic sense: let’s see if instead of the silly coffee bags that they give you at receptions, it’s better that they send you a couple of tons and stop fooling around?Or is it possible that, in a strict context… that Costa Rican coffee is indeed the best in the world?

    When angels come down to earth for coffee

    And if so, since the Pope’s word is the word of God on earth… that “the best in the world” thing, why did he not say only planet Earth… does he also include heaven?I don’t know if angels and cherubs drink coffee in paradise, but just in case, and to fill my soul with heavenly love, as soon as I heard the Pope speak, I went out into the street, went to several supermarkets, stores, bars in even to churches and cemeteries to find Costa Rican coffee.

    And it is that I imagine that every night, when the Ticos are asleep, some 200,000 little angels or a million and a half travel through San José, Heredia, Alajuela or Pérez Zeledón, they go from house to house and, in addition to giving blessings left and right, They are picking up coffee beans and taking them to heaven.

    Then, there, after taking some tremendous shots of coffee, perhaps with drops of rum or not, because I don’t dare go that far, they transmit it to the Pope.And it is very possible that then, “Don Francisco”, in a moment of ecstasy or infinite joy, will get a transcendental point and blurt out that “Costa Rican coffee is the best in the world.”


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