Notice of Birth and Announcement of the Arrival of a Beautiful Baby Boy in Costa Rica

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    We are with joy to announce, Now, the arrival of the Living Spirit given the name Manas of the Family of Verra through first imprinted on the Mother; who goes by Nazik of the Family of Abdykadyrov at twilight 4:44am, in the city of San Jose, Costa Rica on December 29th, 2022.

    Mother Nazik gently held Manas in her arms, and the early day became calm, still, and iridescently peaceful. I give notice that my son, Manas, has arrived now through his mother, a woman named Nazik of the  Family of Abdykadyrov, created through a natural, spiritual, and biological union with a man named Ryan of the Verra house; and, my son: Manas weighs 3.450 kilograms and stands 51 cm tall. I, Ryan, of the family of Verra, declare to be the loving, natural biological father, teacher, and guardian of Manas, my biological offspring.

    May our Son, Manas be a direct reflection of the Sun in all its radiance and purity. May Mother Nazik continue to be the wise and nurturing being she is, as we are in the presence of this divine birth and as we give our love and honor to the beautiful and welcoming country of Costa Rica.

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