Costa Rica, the Country of Eternal Spring

    Did you know that in Costa Rica there are countless plants that help us considerably to combat stress and anxiety?

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    Plants have a positive effect on our health, such as being natural ventilation systems that help eliminate polluting gases from our home. Which contributes to a number of organic compounds in the air.

    The United States is the main market for Costa Rican plants. The country has more than 200 varieties of ornamental plants, and more than 1,200 varieties of flowers and foliage. It also has a special certification by the Foreign Trade Promoter of Costa Rica. “PROCOMER” that certifies its quality and sustainability.

    In international trade, the demand for flowers is characterized by a high degree of concentration for the product of origin. The preferences of the species vary according to their destination market.

    The production of flowers has become an important sector in the economy for several countries that depend on agriculture, basically 3 sectors benefit from the flower market, specifically production-distribution, auctioneers and financiers.

    Meeting face to face with this sector

    Although it is true that the world as we know it today has undergone various transformations, one of them perhaps the most important lies in the recent Covi-19 pandemic and its impacts, this sector has managed to get ahead.

    This is how Hernán Árias announces it, manager and owner of Flores Del Rio; who tells us how he managed to move forward with his project and passion for flowers creating a new niche ofmarket through the production, arrangement and distribution of different wedding bouquet options that became a success in different strategic points and supermarkets in the main cities of the United States, Canada and Europe.

    Since flowers are a perishable and quite delicate product, Hernán tells us how his organization decided to ally with the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter PROCOMER in search of new final destinations for its products.

    Another of the flower grower who expresses his opinion about this market is WillianQuiros, president of the Llano Grande Flower Association, who indicates that the market is progressively taking shape, matching figures to those obtained before the partial stoppage by Covid-19. He is emphatic in mentioning that one of the most sought-after flowers internationally are “Daisies” and “Lilies”, due to their attractive shape and intense colors.

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