When a Woman Says: “And If One Day I Go with Another Man…”

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    I am not going to go into that about whether women are worth more than men, if men are more than women or why today I ran out of tobacco and had to go look for it at the tobacconist’s in pouring rain, which was indeed a problem and serious. The only thing I know is that I think we are with them because as children we need affection and because we have something innate to try to know the unknown.

    Now that, why are they by our side? I swear not even flowers… Because I can understand that a woman is a masochist; one, maybe, but all, absolutely all… That cannot be!

    Something is very strange regarding this…

    As I say, what happens with women is very rare for me. You are at home and suddenly she tells you: «And if one day I cheat on you… And if one day I go with another…». And he tells you not because he has attended a debate on infidelity, or because he has read a story in the newspaper or heard something on the radio. No. He tells you in the kitchen, just for the sake of it, while you are making a potato omelette and you open the fridge to get the Solís crushed tomato, which is to hear what he says and see the Solís brand, and you already think if it will really suit you cheating and you’re going to stay more lonely than one.

    And of course, when she asks you about… “what if one day I go with someone else…”. Well, you ponder: “One day, just one day? Not one day, what do I do just one day. Now in a couple of years, maybe 2 or 6, for example, well that’s another matter. But in one day, I mean, 24 disgusting hours…”.

    I do not understand them

    I really do not understand them. And when they produce something like that for me, which is already beyond me, it is when they say that phrase: “You do not know how a woman thinks”.

    Look, you know that sport called golf, where there is a guy with a stick, about 120 thousand watching him live on the field, another 577 million on TV and nobody says anything waiting for him to put the ball in the Damn that hole… Well, that is how I stay, in an endless silence when I hear that phrase.

    When I listen to her, when they say that, I swear to you that I remain anesthetized, paralyzed, chloroformed. I look at them and think: “Are they human? Are they real? Are real? Do I touch them to check?

    “Could it be that life they are looking for on another planet and that is already among us? And how do they think, how do they think? And in those I am when I hear: “Guisaandeeeeee, bring me the tomatoeess!!!, What are you thinking about?!!». And I answer: “In you, honey, in you, and sometimes… in Solís”.
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