6 Out of 10 Costa Ricans Assure That Social Networks Encourage Infidelity

    22% Monitor Their Partner on the Internet

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    A survey carried out by UNIMER on the occasion of the Day of Love and Friendship -on February 14th– revealed that a high percentage of Costa Ricans think that social networks stimulate infidelity.

    UNIMER interviewed 287 men and women over the age of 16 from all over the country, last January. The consultation was made by telephone. According to the study, six out of 10 Ticos consulted believe that infidelity has a breeding ground in apps such as Facebook and Instagram, among others. On the other hand, four out of 10 say that this does not happen on social networks.

    Another piece of data from this survey indicates that two out of ten people interviewed said they had spied on their partner social networks accounts. Another eight out of ten stated that they do not.

    Difficulty recognizing the truth

    Ivannia Rodríguez, director of the ProA survey carried out by UNIMER on the occasion of the Day of Love and Friendship -on February 14th– revealed that a high percentage of Costa Ricanject, acknowledged the possible existence of underreporting in this last item consulted. “People will hardly reveal certain dark aspects of their personality. Perhaps the percentage of people who do monitor their partners would be higher if the person felt confident indicating it.

    “Maybe they don´t because it doesn’t look good, because maybe they want to avoid looking like someone who is very jealous or distrustful or very insecure,” Rodriguez explained.

    Shout it out on social media…

    Other data released by this study shows the importance that the interviewees give to the fact that their partner “yells to the world” that they are in a relationship. When asked: What do you think is important for your partner on social networks?

    This was answered by the people interviewed (multiple answers that do not add up to 100%):

    61%: Like their posts

    50%: Posting romantic messages on Facebook

    50%: To post photos as a couple

    50%: Have your Facebook status say “in a relation to”

    43%: That their profile picture is that of a couple

    Another question thrown at the 287 people is if they know someone who has met their partner on social networks.

    The main social networks for this purpose (multiple answers that do not add up to 100%):

    Facebook: 63%

    Instagram: 26%

    Tinder: 21%

    Twitter: 12%

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