Using Facebook for Business: Easy and Effective

Get to Know the Basics on How to Do It

From your personal account, you can create a page for your business, that is, a fan page. Its importance is that, if you create a personal profile of “add-friend” for a business, it goes against Facebook’s policies, and could cause the closing of that account. That is why Pages are the right choice. We recommend you to sit down and do it from your own computer so that you have access to all the configuration tools that Facebook offers you.

To get started

You must ensure that the chosen name is free or not similar to an existing one, from another existing business. Have at hand the telephone contact number, business description, website address, and if it will have a physical address (business location) and your company’s image (logo). It is very important that you give a greeting of welcome in your first publication and explain in a couple of sentences what your Page/Business is dedicated to.

Starting a Facebook business page

Constancy and strategy

Once you have content on your page, do not forget that the movement towards it depends on you, and how much time you assign to your project. The photos and posts, should go on either weekly, daily or several times a day, this way keeping your audience updated on the products you offer

Your first fans can be obtained by inviting your friends from your personal Facebook account, by knowing those who share interests similar to those offered by your business, that is, potential customers. Live Videos (live broadcast), stories for 24 Hours, surveys, raffles, even offers, will be part of the multimedia elements that will generate movement in your page. That will increase the reach of your page. Even Facebook will send you e-mails, guides, and tips to implement them as you get results. You can also use the Store tool on your page, which allows you to upload a photo, description, price, and even if the specific item is on sale.

Then start with the strategy

If you have already invited your friends from Facebook, and you still do not find the clients you are looking for, you can use Ads. We recommend that you seek the help of an expert in e-commerce and social media that can help you channel exactly the area of interest for your business, as a city or interests similar to yours. You can get this without wasting time and money, by setting up the correct advertising strategy and parameters to reach the ideal audience.

A professional community manager can help you take off the sales plane easier, coordinating between both parties, establishing schedules of posting (publications), and an initial budget of guidelines (advertising) to follow. He/she has to plan according to your goals and, at the same time, propose the most effective ways to achieve your goals

Sell online

First, you must be present on the Internet. So look for a professional in the area of e-commerce and website design, to guide you in the basics that will be needed to start your project. Start by looking for the domain, that is, the name of your project on the Internet. Once the availability is confirmed, you can buy the domain, and start with the creation of the website. Begin with a simple site, one that at least makes clear what your business is, including its characteristics, objectives, and services offered, as well as the geographical area that your business serves. These basic data will keep you updated on the market.

With time, and as you receive feedback, you will be adding more photos, catalogs, galleries and more. The important thing is that you gain time in the media, where the age of the site is a factor that search engines take into account. In this way, yours can appear among the first positions, according to sales category and region.

Social media are currently the springboard for much of the sales that can generate business, engaging users in their free time. Starting with Facebook is simple and, if you begin well, in a few steps you will already be receiving likes, comments, and private messages from your potential customers, as well as people who show interest in what you offer.

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