Education for the Rich? What are the Real Costs of Colleges?

    Yes you can go to college in the USA, read these facts

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    Students in different countries have different access to higher education. At the same time, it also depends on what family a student comes from. The chances of getting an education for a student from a low-income family are not equal to a student from a wealthy one.

    Why is college so expensive?

    How to save money and get a good education? The article will answer these questions using the average cost of college in the USA as an example.

    Firstly, let’s talk about what the annual college or university cost covers and includes.

    1. Tuition

    The cost of tuition includes all the lessons and instructions for a year or a semester. Public institutions are often much cheaper for state citizens. While having no citizenship means you have to pay a double price for tuition.

    2. Accommodation + meals

    Usually, most universities include rooms and food into the overall price. So, you don’t have to bother about additional expenses on those.

    3. Textbooks and study materials

    All books and materials should be provided by the institution and goes into the overall annual cost. The planned cost is average as each faculty and specialization requires materials of different prices.

    4. Services

    Such services as a library, labs, gym and others may also be included in the overall cost.

    5. Sometimes, personal expenses (transport, clothes, museums or whatever)

    Sometimes, the sum can be a lot bigger than it was previously planned. For example, students have to get loads of extra classes and courses in order to complete writing assignments, such as a research paper or an essay. However, such expenses can be easily reduced or even avoided. Find a professional writing service such as PapersOwl or any other and set aside some money for traveling.

    Let’s examine what the cost includes on the example of Harvard University.

    If we are talking about a prestigious private college or university, the annual price to pay is pretty affordable. Often, it is much cheaper than that in public ones. They offer a significant amount of different grants to help students. For example, the full annual cost of getting Harvard education varies from $64K to $69,900 (Bachelor’s degree). The cost includes:

    a) Tuition and other fees – $45,278

    b) Room and meals – about $16,000

    c) Personal expenses – $3,740

    d) Traveling and transportation fees – $0-5,200

    At the same time, for students whose parents earn less than $65,000 per year, Harvard guarantees free tuition (including a room and meals). There are 20% of such students in Harvard.

    Now let’s talk about financial assistance you can get to have a quality education even if you don’t have enough money.

    1. University grants

    Each university has its own fund. They use it to help students from needy families or to attract talented students all over the world. It is the biggest resource of grants, which included 48, 2 billion dollars in 2013.

    2. Pell Grant

    Currently, the sum goes up to $5,775 for a student from Pell Grant and up to $4,000 from FSEOG.

    3. State’s personal grants

    Also, most states give their own grants. For example, New Jersey gives up to 12,000 a year. New York – up to $5,500 a year. There are a lot of specialized grants for various professions, such as teachers, as well.

    4. Grants for retired and future serviceman

    If you apply for ROTC, you can get such grant. In 2013 13,7 billion grants were given to ex and future serviceman. However, this method has a big disadvantage. After graduation, you have to serve the army. Some people use these grants to study medicine, and after graduation work as dentists or doctors in the army getting work experience.

    5. Federal Work Study

    This program gives an opportunity to work part-time, up to 20 hours per week mainly at the university or college. For such work, they get at least $7, 25/hour.

    People usually combine work and study in the USA. Also, giving grants most universities expect that students will work and at least partially pay for their expenses. At the same time, universities give a lot of workplaces by themselves. Students can work as tutors and teaching assistants.

    The system of higher education in the US is very flexible. There are no compulsory lessons. Also, they don’t have the exact amount of hours you have to study. That is why people can choose the subjects from the list, and the time for lessons.

    Moreover, it is quite simple to change a university if you want. Some people can get their degree in 3 years, some may want to take their time and get it in 5-6 years. It is surely not prohibited to have a job at the same time.

    So, don’t make a high price stop you from going to university. Every problem can be solved, especially if we are talking about education in the USA.

    Moreover, if you are a foreigner, there are loads of programs to apply. Don’t miss your chance and check all the information before giving up!

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