What You Should Keep in Mind if You Plan to Buy a House in Costa Rica this 2022

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    Acquiring a home goes beyond a wish, it is a need that becomes an investment for the future of each person and their family.The Davivienda bank motivated to promote the goal of owning a home; shares recommendations that will help you maintain financial well-being before, during and after buying a lot, building or acquiring a home:

    Define the type of housing

    New, used, house or apartment. Remember! The maximum value of the property will depend on the money you have for the premium and the credit you can obtain.

    Choose the home that suits you best

    Prepare a comparative table where you take into account: price, location, ease of transportation, size, distribution and advantages over others.

    Jade House

    Approach the banks and learn about the requirements to access housing credit

    Check the family budget

    If you haven’t done it, do it! and include the home loan installment

    Complete all the necessary documentation

    Once the decision to apply for the loan has been made, follow the procedures that the bank has requested step by step.

    Include in the budget for the following year the payment of the territorial tax of your new home

    Keep all your home purchase documentation in order and review your insurance benefits

    If you want to learn how to better manage your personal and family finances, you can visit the website:, where you can find free learning paths for buying a home or vehicle, education, travel, debts, retirement plans , investments, cost control and savings.

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