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    Teachings for the Smallest of the House

    Early Emotional Development in Children

    The child observes his surroundings and is comparing, classifying and analyzing. Thus he progressively establishes relationships and categories (high-low, big-small, many-few)

    Know How to Organize Your House and Your Mind

    In Zen philosophy, an individual cannot advance along the paths of enlightenment if internally it is not in order, both in mind and in...

    How to Get an Address in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica has a very peculiar way of indicating the addresses, since its streets do not have names or numbers and the houses do...

    The House of the “7 Hanged Ones”

    The legend of the House of the "7 Hanged Ones" is remembered in Costa Rica during these dates, called "Días de Los Muertos", and...

    What You Should Know if You Want to Rent a House

    Although renting a house can bring with it many advantages, it can also become a real headache for both the tenant and the landlord. To...
    La Paz Waterfalls Park Beauty Nature Experience

    La Paz Waterfalls, a Wild Throwback

    La Paz Waterfalls is a park on the outskirts of Costa Rica's capital. It offers the nation's best natural gifts, this rainforest has hundreds...

    Buying or Renting, Fully Furnished or Not?

    When looking for a house, apartment, loft, or any other options that can be found in Costa Rica, an important decision is whether to...

    Expo Vivienda 2016 offers help for buying homes this weekend

    Looking to buy or build? Well, this Friday, July 29 through Sunday, July 31 Expo Vivienda 2016 will exhibit offers and credit opportunities for...
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