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    These apps changed the way to locate Real Estate

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    Just as today we use technology to make payments, review account statements and make purchases. A new space has also been created that promises to give us a hand to live with the help of digital tools.

    Also known as real estate digitization, this offers countless benefits, which include greater security, saving and money when looking for and choosing a specific space.

    App´s that have become famous to search for Real Estate:

    Dada Room

    This is a popular app that was specially designed with the intention of getting a roommate to share. It is important to note that it is a free version. In the same way, they have a paid version for those who want a greater diffusion.

    As additional data we can point out that this platform was created thinking about the possibility of finding the ideal partner. Within its structure it is allowed to publish the rules of coexistence and the space available for those who are interested in the offer.


    An exclusive platform for rentals. Within it it is possible to rent without the need for an endorsement, as well as you can highlight your offer in renting a property.  Its operation consists of a fairly simple interface in which you only have to place the budget of your interest in the city you want and with the characteristics that suit your needs.

    Real Estate

    App that works correctly on your cell phone or website, this allows you to offer spaces to buy or rent either a property that you will allocate for temporary trade or housing. It presents various options and is very popular in various Latin American countries, especially in Mexico. Its operating system is quite simple once you choose the type of property you are looking for and its location, the platform will display a list with all the details.

    This App, like the others, is responsible for obtaining and promoting properties for the sale or rent of the same in different areas, be it industrial, commercial or residential.

    The operation of the same groups the different properties in 3 particular forms: list, guide or gallery. Here each space is shown with images and also characteristics of costs, geographical areas and description, which allows you to filter the options according to your tastes or needs.


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