What You Should Know if You Want to Rent a House

    The Law of Urban and Suburban Leases Regulates this Activity

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    Although renting a house can bring with it many advantages, it can also become a real headache for both the tenant and the landlord.

    To start up, the contract must include what services include the rental amount. The deposit of guarantee equivalent to 1 or 2 months of rent.

    Non-compliance with monthly payments or unjustified increases in the rental rate are some of the problems that may affect either party, therefore stipulating all the details through a formal contract is essential.

    Attorney Gonzalo Fajardo recommends including in written form any agreement that has been stipulated between the parties and assures that the Law of Urban and Suburban Leases works to watch over the interests of both. “The tenant has rights, but also obligations that must be fulfilled”, he adds.

    Among the most important aspects that must be included in the document are:

    The qualities (name, age, marital status, etc.) of the tenant and the owner.

    The registration of the property in the National Registry.

    The destination that will be given to the property, in this case, must be specified that its use will be residential.

    The monthly amount of the rent and its form of payment (the month in advance).

    The increases to be made from the tariff.

    If there is a security deposit and what the amount is.

    The term of the lease (which cannot be less than 3 years).

    The addresses of the parties where they can receive notifications date of the contract.

    In addition, you must indicate in writing who will be responsible for paying for utilities (water supply, electricity service, etc.) and what will be the currency in which the amount of the rent will be canceled.

    According to the law, the minimum term of residential rent is for 3 years. However, in case 1 of the 2 parties does not comply with the contract, this can be terminated “for example, if there is a serious deterioration in the housing, if there is an expropriation of the property, or if the owner fails to comply with any of the clauses such as payment for services”, says the specialist.

    End of your contract
    End of your contract

    In this case, the termination of the rental must be notified in anticipation, with a minimum term of 3 months.

    One of the most important backups for the owner is the security deposit which, although not mandatory, the lawyer recommends always include it.

    However, if the house is delivered in good condition and there is no debt, the owner must refund the money to the tenant. “The most important thing is to clearly establish all the clauses so that both of you feel at ease in the rental process”, he concludes.

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