New Franchises Registration slowed in the last 12 Months

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The number of new companies that were registered as franchises grew at a slower rate in the last12 months ending in August, up by 5.4% as against 9% and 17% in the two previous periods.

    Between July 2012 and August, Costa Rica had 12 firms that entered in that format, according to the Fourth Franchise Sector study, presented yesterday by the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica (CCCR).

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    However, in August 2012, the increase was from 32 companies and in August 2011, 17.

    The franchise is a grant of rights to exploit a product or business. In return you receive a down payment and agrees to obtain a percentage of profits or a lump sum.

    These types of companies generated a total of 27,000 direct jobs, of which 21,381 are foreign brands and the rest on premises.

    72% of national franchises ask for an initial fee of less than $50,000. LN

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