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    Electric Cars Are Exempted from Restriction and Will Have Special Spaces in Parking

    To encourage the purchase and use of electric vehicles (EVs) and promote decarbonization plans, the government will remove EVs  from vehicular restrictions and promote...

    What You Should Know if You Want to Rent a House

    Although renting a house can bring with it many advantages, it can also become a real headache for both the tenant and the landlord. To...
    corporation thieves

    Costa Rican Corporations Are Being Targeted By Property Thieves

    Costa Rican authorities have not been doing enough to address the problems of property theft. Surprisingly, property thefts are not that difficult to achieve....
    corporation tax

    Costa Rica Revives the Corporation Tax … Again

    For almost all foreigners living in Costa Rica, life here feels much safer once your lawyer creates a corporation to better protect your assets....
    costa rica real estate

    Condominium Development – Most Popular In Real Estate Market

    Within the choices of real estate development, the establishment of a condominium property, once it meets all the legal requirements, is one of the...
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