To encourage the purchase and use of electric vehicles (EVs) and promote decarbonization plans, the government will remove EVs  from vehicular restrictions and promote preferential parking spaces.

The measures were announced this Wednesday by the first lady, Claudia Dobles, and the environment minister, Carlos Manuel Rodríguez. In addition, this Wednesday it was announced that EVs will have, as of this Wednesday, a green plate that differentiates them from the rest of the fleet.

An electric vehicle while being fast charged

“They will be exempt from vehicular restriction. This topic is very important and generates many facilities. In addition, there is the Parking Law and modifications will be made to incorporate a requirement for commercial establishments to have a blue space dedicated to vehicles free of contaminants, the same with local councils”, explained the director of the traffic police, Germán Marín.

To begin with the general delivery of the new plates this Wednesday, the signing of the decree that formalizes the Regulation of Distinctive for EVs was made. In the act were the president; Carlos Alvarado and the Minister of Justice; Marcia González

“The plates will be green to distinguish all vehicles that are zero-emissions, both private and public institutions, as well as for light transport or cargo”, said Gonzalez.

People who have an EV and want to change their license plate should only perform the normal replacement process before the National Registry.