Draft law to support electric vehicles and clean energy

The average daily trip made by individual vehicles is 31 kilometers daily in the Grand Metropolitan Area (GAM)

Costa Rica started the movement toward vehicle renovation to become a country that incentivizes the use of electric vehicles and clean energy. A preliminary study revealed that the additional cost in an electricity bill for charging an electric vehicle would be approximately 25,000 colones per month, while the cost of filling a tank of gas in a car averages around 50,000 colones a month.

The substitution of a conventional vehicle for an electric vehicle doesn’t suppose any inconvenience because the average daily trip made by individual vehicles is 31 kilometers daily in the Grand Metropolitan Area (GAM).

Currently, the Legistlative Assembly is debating a law that would oblige the government to offer recharging stations for cars and motorcycles every 80 kilometers on national highways and every 10 kilometers on district highways. It would cost around 10 million colones to open one of the possible recharging stations.

Currently, the owners of these vehicles appear limited to recharging them at home and very few other points, but the idea is to bring conveniency and support to electric vehicles, which have lower CO2 emissions, that conventional gas-run automobiles enjoy today.

What does the draft law aim to do? It aims to incentivize the purchase and use of electric vehicles through means such as 100% exoneration on consumer and sales tax for the cars, elimination of some of the customs taxes that go along with them, duty-free replacement parts available for the cars, liberation of customs payments, and that the cars would not be restricted to normal monetary vehicle restrictions.

Source: larepublica.net

VIAThe Costa Rica News (TCRN)
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