The Government is moving forward in its proposal to mix super and regular gasoline with ethanol (gasohol) and place it on the market the current year. The environment minister (Minae) Carlos Manuel Rodríguez said that they are making adjustments before making the mix available. “The decision goes forward; it requires a very detailed work”, he stated.

This is not the first attempt made by the Costa Rican Petroleum Refinery (Recope) to promote this mixture. However, Minister Rodríguez assured that it is the first time that the mixture is made for other purposes that are not merely economic.

According to the officer, the idea is that users use this gasoline to reduce pollution and migrate towards decarbonization; that is, towards the use of clean energies to transport and produce. “This has to be cheaper than what we currently have (…). In this case, it is not the price (what drives them to make the change) is a long term vision of decarbonization. Therefore, biofuels are going to come to play a very important role”, explained the high-rank officer on issues of Environment and Energy.

In addition, the minister indicated that the technical reports of Recope ruled out that the cars will suffer damages due to the use of this mixture. “Yes, I am aware that those cars older than 15 years, that do not have the proper maintenance, may have a problem to work with this and any other biofuel. The technology of internal combustion (of the cars) is much better now than in the past years”, he added.