Limon Costa Rica RECOPE RefineryLimon Costa Rica (TCRN) – A number of experts agree that building a new refinery in Costa Rica may not be such a good idea and it be better to consider other options before taking on a $1 billion+ debt and commitment to to the government of China. Some have called it another China Petroleum project, one of many initiated by China all over the world.

The “Criticism of Financial and Social Assessment” report by economist Carlos Leiva, presents a series of arguments against the new refinery that RECOPE intends to build.

According to Lewis, RECOPE should conduct feasibility studies and cost to benefits on other options such as natural gas solutions.
Another concern are the how the numbers have been constructed, a former official of Recope, Juan Antonio Rodriguez, said the project was conceived based on the price difference when buying raw product, rather than finished product.

According to an analysis by Rodriguez, construction costs, operation and maintenance of the new refinery would generate an increase of $25 per barrel, extra costs that the consumer would ultimately pay for

The Ombudsman, meanwhile, is under investigation on the possible implications that this project would have on the country and the impact on the end user in fuels.

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