Costa Rica – dock strikes in Limon Causing Concern to Exporters

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    Limón [TCRN] – 80% of international trade in Costa Rica passes through the ports of Limón and as of today has been paralyzed by a strike by workers in charge of its operation for the past 24 hours, with no formal mechanism for negotiation with the Government.

    The strike seriously concerns producers and exporters of perishable products, including pineapple, who believe there will be significant losses said Abel Chaves, president of the Chamber of Producers and Exporters of Pineapple.

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    Why the strike? Last August the government signed a concession agreement for 30 years with that company to build a new pier valued at $990 million, to handle all goods in the Costa Rican Caribbean which union workers believe will grant a monopoly. Lack of information participation rights for the State Board of Administration and Port Development of the Atlantic (Japdeva) are the primary concerns.

    The contract with the multinational has already received the endorsement of the Comptroller General and the first phase expected to be in operation by 2016. The new facilities will be able to receive post-Panamax ships, the largest capacity; the facilities development are a foresight to the mega cargo ships which will be transiting the Panama Canal by 2014.

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