Let’s Talk About Hanging Plants for The House

    If we refer to natural and easy ways to decorating our homes, hanging plants will always be a good option

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    There are climbing or hanging plants that have the characteristic that their stem is not very rigid, which makes it easier for them to fall beautifully, naturally, like a curtain. This characteristic allows us to place them hanging from the ceiling of the house or on a tall furniture or shelf, thus dressing balconies, terraces and many interior spaces as long as they are illuminated.

    To have healthy hanging plants, some tips should be taken into account:

    Location and irrigation

    We must always respect the light and water needs of the plants. And as we already know, each plant chooses its favorite place! The lighting and amounts of water will depend on the place where they are hung. Therefore, plants that are very demanding to constant watering and greater amount of sunlight, preferably are placed on terraces or gardens so that it is easier to get rain or that irrigation is easier to apply and drain in open spaces.

    If, on the other hand, a plant with medium light needs is chosen, we can place it in internal spaces and for the time of watering, the immersion technique will be the easiest to apply.

    If the hanging plant is placed in a basket, taking advantage of the fact that they can be found beautiful and varied in the market, it is necessary to make sure that the height of the basket coincides with the base of the leaves. Thus they will not remain hidden and it is avoided that some part of the plant is hidden from the light or is a host for pests.

    One more tip, related to wicker baskets or natural materials, is to leave the plant in the typical nursery pot, which we can place inside the basket, preventing it from being damaged or damp during watering and rotting. .

    It is also advisable to choose plants that are not so demanding with watering, since it is a reality that they look beautiful, but watering is also complicated when the height of the plant makes the task more difficult. When the plant requires more distant watering, we will think less excuses to avoid it.

    In the interior spaces

    Hanging plants suffer up to two times more than plants located at ground level or on low furniture. This happens when they are located near sources of drafts, intense sources of heat such as kitchens or in areas with tobacco smoke.

    Some of the recommended plants to hang indoors are the potos, for their beautiful fall, fast growth and little care; the ribbons or spider plant for being one of the most resistant plants and of striking contrast; the Brazil Philodendron or as it is commonly known, Brazil pothos, due to its accelerated growth and minimal care. The only detail is not to flood, and thus we will be sure of having a beautiful plant.

    Ferns are great protagonists of living in the heights by hanging. There are different species with varied shapes, sizes and colors, making them spectacular plants to show off on terraces and gardens.

    And let’s not forget about the succulents. Options such as rosaries and donkey’s tail or Sedum burrito, can measure up to a meter in length when falling. The only detail is that its growth is much slower but requires more remote and controlled irrigation.

    With these options you already have the necessary information to place your first hanging plant. And if you already have them, you could expand your options. A new plant never hurts.


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