Why Buy a Vacation Home in Costa Rica?

    Remember to take advantage of all the personal and economic benefits that summer vacation properties can give you in the Land of “Pure Life”

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    Buying a house is always a profitable investment in the medium and long term, and if this is a summer house, it becomes an asset that can be even more valuable due to the various advantages it presents. If you are interested in acquiring this type of property, on this occasion, the TCRN portal tells you why it is a good idea to buy a vacation home and what are the best places in Costa Rica to do it.

    You save money on your vacation when you invest in buying a vacation property, you have a place to stay without having to worry about finding the cheapest price. Not only can you use it for long vacations, if you have a summer house in a place close to North America, you have the opportunity to rest in it more easily.

    That does not mean that you can no longer visit other destinations during your vacations, but having a summer house will always be a great option for those occasions when traveling far is not an option, in addition to saving money, especially when you decide to take to the whole family.

    You can adapt it to your tastes more than to your needs

    When you buy a house or apartment in the city where you work, you adapt it for what you need, more than for what you like. On the contrary, buying a vacation home will allow you to create a completely personalized environment to suit your tastes and desires.

    At last you can have everything you always dreamed of: a large garden, a pool, a grill, an entertainment center, a bar, everything that the limited space of your house or apartment for work does not allow you to have.

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    You can rent it while you are not occupying it

    Renting a house is always a way to earn income without much effort. That’s an opportunity you can take advantage of when buying a summer vacation home. You can rent it during the time that you do not occupy it, either in traditional monthly rental models or as a vacation home, for periods, be it weekly or a few days. This latest model has become very popular in recent years as it represents a cheaper alternative to hotel accommodations for travelers.

    You can even rent the house if you are still paying the mortgage

    This will help you to pay off the debt easier and faster and have full possession of your property in less time. Once the mortgage is paid, you can continue to receive income from the rent for as long as you want.

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    It is insurance for retirement

    Buying a summer vacation home allows you to have a place to rest not only on long breaks or on weekends, but during your retirement. If the house in the city where you worked is also owned by you, you can switch roles. That is, permanently move to your summer house and rent your town house, in order to continue receiving passive income. A summer home is also an asset that you can pass on to your family to give them a more secure future.

    Costa Rica’s advantages

    The most common characteristics buyers look for in places with vacation properties are pleasant year-round weather, easy access to entertainment venues, and essential locations such as supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, and restaurants. Due to their great natural attraction, beach destinations are the most appreciated by buyers in this sector of the market.

    In Costa Rica, tourism is one of the main economic activities, so buying one a summer vacation property represents a huge opportunity for medium and long-term rental income. The proximity to both North and South America is one of its great advantages. For this reason and for its beautiful beaches, it receives a lot of foreign tourism every year, especially North American, and European which makes it ideal for buying a vacation home.

    Costa Rica has impressive natural beauties and great cultural wealth, and its advantage is that house prices are cheaper than other beach destinations in the Americas. It has a temperate climate throughout the year, great natural beauties and cultural attractions. So decide on the best option: the Land of Pure Life is waiting for you with open arms!

    Daniel Yépez/TCRN Staff


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