Architect Students Traveling to Costa Rica: Places to Visit

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    Costa Rica is the happiest country in the world with many accolades. It is a paradise for peace, and the culture and history of this amazing place extend far beyond the initial international recognition. This small country is home to many rich cultures with a passion for freedom and a history of democracy and equality.

    But another special thing is Costa Rica’s architecture. This topic is often discussed in many pieces of literature, including essays about architecture from Gradesfixer. These free essay examples help students learn the basic facts and give them an idea of how to write their own paper. However, there is nothing better than seeing everything with your own eyes when it comes to the famous architecture in Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica is the perfect place that any architecture student should visit. Their architecture includes modern buildings that take part of their contemporary infrastructure all the way to remains from the pre-Columbian era. The Caribbean coast has mostly wooden houses. Many neighborhoods are replete with mixed architectural styles, and some of the residential houses are simply made from concrete with zinc roofs. But most importantly, many new architects are creating names for themselves by designing lavish buildings in this country.  Costa Rica is simply the most favored tourist destination. The following is the list of some of Costa Rica’s buildings that architectural students have to visit. 

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    Castillo Azul 

    Castillo Azul or better known to the Americans as the Blue Castle, is located in San Jose. This building has political significance, and it is owned by Costa Rica’s Legislative assembly. The combination of Mediterranean and Neoclassical architectural styles makes this building an exotic structure. It has six rooms and the rooms are decorated in European Style. 

    Teatro Nacional

    This Theatre located in San Jose symbolizes the love for Theatre and art. It is considered the pride of Costa Rica. It has a neo-classical structure that is a timeless and beautiful reflection of the culture. The interior design doesn’t disappoint either. It has an amazing ceiling with paintings and a neo-classical style of seating arrangements. Some researchers state that this construction was founded by a coffee merchant back in the 19th century. And unfortunately, this building was destroyed due to an earthquake, but it was rebuilt by an engineer named Nicolas Chavarria in 1993

    Teatro Pupular Melico Salazar

    This Theatre is located in San Jose, and it is one of the most significant theatres in history. It is a small building compared to the National Theatre of Costa Rica. However, it is designed in an amazing European Baroque Architectural style. The building was originally structured by architect Jose Fabio, although it was destroyed twice due to earthquakes and had to be redesigned and rebuilt. And nowadays the theatre hosts plays and art exhibitions. 

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    Yellow House

    The Yellow House is also located in San Jose, and it is the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was designed back in 1920 by the architect Henry. D. Whitfield. This building and its arts and aesthetics are influenced by many political events such as the Mexican Revolution. The exterior of the house is yellow, and it is a combination of neo-baroque and neoclassical architecture style. The inside has a central courtyard, with rooms around it connected with corridors. It also has many details, such as decorative elements on the windows and doors, and the volumetric symmetry is observed. 

    Waterfall Cascade

    This building is beachfront heaven for the tourists, and the main thing about it is the waterfall that flows down in the pool. It is designed by LSD, and they mainly used wood to design this minimalistic building.


    This house is designed by Olson Kundig near the beach Playa Hermosa. It has a sustainable design that has passive techniques of ventilation and light, the full house is made from wood, and it has three-stories, and the functions of the house are divided in them, which results in optimum use of the space and giving an excellent example of tropical house. 

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    The summary of this title would be that for a small country, Costa Rica plays a significant part in all the arts such as literature, music, dance, films, and of course, architecture. So if you are studying architecture, you will for sure learn a lot, and get many inspirations if you visit some of these places.


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