If You Want to Live an Adventure with Nature “The Arenal Volcano”in Costa Rica is Your Best Option”

    The world famous Arenal Volcano is iconic landmark of La Fortuna in northwestern Costa Rica

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    Costa Rica is a country located in Central America, with innumerable tourist attractions that motivate nature lovers to choose this territory of the Pacific and Caribbean Sea as the main tourist destination to visit by citizens of the United States, Canada and other parts of the world.

    One of the main emblematic natural tourist attractions to know in this country is the Arenal Volcano National Park, located in the district of La Fortuna, Canton of San Carlos, in the province of Alajuela, with a volcano height of 1670 meters above sea level.

    El Arenal is a conical stratovolcano, located about 8 km from La Fortuna, it has an area of ​​33 km²; It can be seen from a considerable distance and from different towns such as El Cantón de San Carlos, AguasZarcas, Pocosol, La Fortuna, La Palmera, Cutris, Venado, Florencia and even Ciudad Quesada, and cantons such as Guatuso, Los Chiles and Tilarán. Geologically it belongs to the Sierra de Tilarán and is considered the brother of the adjoining Cerro Chato volcano.

    The Arenal Volcano is highlighted as one of the most striking volcanoes in the world, apart from showing its conical shape, clouds commonly surround its top. At night, it is possible to see the majesty of the mountain against the dark backdrop of the night sky.

    Arenallast erupted in 1968 after being dormant for nearly 400 years. It entered a dormant phase in 2010 after 43 years of being the nation’s most active volcano. Scientists claim that it is still “alive”, and at the moment it is simply “sleeping”. There is no doubt that it is still very imposing, even if it does not erupt like before.

    Visit one of the icons of La Fortuna and connect with nature

    The Arenal Volcano has a fascinating and extensive history. In the National Park, you can admire how it has been looked upon in awe for centuries. The pre-Columbian tribes treated the volcano with much respect and it was considered a sacred place for the Guatusos andMalekus Indians who lived in the region.

    In addition to the Arenal Volcano, you can also enjoy its twin brother, the Cerro Chato Volcano, located within the limits of the park. Unlike Arenal, the peak of this second volcano has collapsed, creating a brilliant emerald lagoon.

    While Arenal may be the more famous of the two volcanoes, Chato is equally magnificent and offers a spectacular view of the park surrounded by humid, lush forests, which are home to pleasant hiking trails that can range from three to five kilometers.

    Through its forests, Arenal takes you along trails of lava

    Once through the forest, you can reach the old lava trail, which was formed in 1992. The lava trails offer unique views of every landmark in the park, including Arenal, Chato, and Lake Arenal.

    Lake Arenal is a fabulous massive body of water located near the volcano. It is the site of an extensive hydroelectric project that generates 40% of Costa Rica’s hydroelectric power in a clean and efficient manner and where you can watch the sun set over the water.

    The hot springs of the Arenal Volcano are another of the main attractions in the La Fortuna area. Nothing more relaxing than ending the day in a pool of thermal water, and then to go to rest and sleep all night. The Tabacón Hot Springs is a natural wonder of Costa Rica.

    If you go to Costa Rica visit La Fortuna town, it is a must-see attraction for anyone who wants to really experience Costa Rica, The notoriety of this community comes from its proximity to one of the most popular and iconic volcanoes in the entire country, this being the natural wonder that is the Arenal Volcano.

    Experience all that the Arenal Volcano National Park has to offer surrounded by biodiversity with an extraordinary climate of the Guancaste and Tilarán mountain ranges, as well as vibrant forests, beautiful lakes and much more.

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